September 2018

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Eric and I went back to Montana for a week in September.  It was a good time of visiting family, enjoying the quiet, catching up with church friends, and having some fun.  
When we boarded Buddy for the first time in August, they sent us this pitiful 
photo that nearly broke our hearts.  
So, for this trip we boarded Buddy with our friend, the foster mom who raised him 
before we adopted him.  He was MUCH happier at her house! 

The church had an all-day service/picnic/games day on the Sunday we were there.
It was a really nice time. 

  Exploring a commercial property that three of the brothers are looking at.
This is how a Casazza deals with the lack of a ladder!  

We were able to catch one of Madison's soccer games while we were there.  We 
were so impressed by the way she hustles!  She absolutely flung herself at the ball.

  Neither of us have seen a real phone booth in years, so when we 
saw this in Columbia Falls, we had to take a photo. 
Jeb & Amy own these amazing e-bikes.  They very generously allowed us to borrow
them for a ride up into the mountains.  It was amazing!  Even though I wrecked, I still loved it.
Views along the ride. 

The old Lodge Craft building in Eureka.  It was originally the community hall and a
roller rink.  The owners want to sell and we'd love to help save it, but that's just a dream. 
Taking a side trail to explore an old abandoned mine.  

Full rainbow over Eureka.

  A short trip up to Polebridge allowed us this view of Lake McDonald.

A lovely view of the western side of Glacier Park as seen from Polebridge

Informational material on the town of Polebridge and the mercantile.


A view from the nature trail we walked until we got caught in a short rain shower.


Eric made it into the newspaper.  This was an insert about the fair that was in the paper.
Eric is in the lower-right photo, eating and talking to our friend Amy. 

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