Montana August Sights
August 2018

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We had a lot of fun this month, making a point to go see the sights in the area.  

Sunday Falls with Eric

Buddy and I scoped this out in July and found it to be a wonderful, quick experience.  It is cool here (temperature cool as well as "way cool") no matter how hot the day.  The walk in is very easy, short, and handicap accessible.  Two thumbs up for Sunday Falls. 

Eric always has to try to make these trips more interesting by walking in the 'most likely to fall' areas.

 A view of the falls, and of Eric's arm if you look closely.   
 Buddy takes after his master.  Me & my Bud by the falls.  His ears are down because he probably thinks I'm going to trip and drop him in the water! 


Loved this Larch

Rock Climbing at Stillwater Canyon with Erik, Bradon, and Padrick

We had fun with our nephews Erik & Bradon, and our friend Padrick for an afternoon of rock climbing. 

 Me & Buddy exploring while they get set up Buddy, making friends with Braden
Eric Casazza with Erik Casazza, preparing for a climb. Turns out, both Eric/Erik Casazzas are natural rock climbers! 
 Buddy watches with interest I love to catch that, "I can't believe I'm still alive" smile after a climb.
Braden is so strong, he muscles his way up the rock. He's glad to be still alive too! 
 Padrick enjoying his time in Montana before heading back to his home in Canada.  

Little North Fork Falls

This was a nice after-work outing for our little family (sans cats) one night. I would like to see this when the water is high.

 On the walk in to the falls
 My boys on the trail.
I think I mentioned already that Eric likes to walk in the "most likely to fall" places.   If the falls are this pretty in August, I'll have to come back some day in early June! 

Family photo with the falls.  Buddy is over lith it.  

 Me & Buddy.  He's not into the picture because some kids were eating off to the side.   

On our drive out, we stopped to let Eric climb one route on the west side of Lake Koocanusa.
By this point, Buddy is an old hand at waiting at the bottom of climbing routes.  

  I had to wait until he finished to take a picture since I was belaying. 

Tally Lake

After dropping Eric off at the airport one morning, Buddy and I took advantage of a smoke-free sky by visiting Tally Lake.


 I think the loop overlook trail is about 2 miles long, here we are near the start of it.  How the overlook trail got its name.

Buddy prefers to blaze his own trail rather than follow the beaten path. 

I'm trying to train him to pose for pictures.    
Deep thoughts while overlooking the lake.

Other Montana Sights

This owl lives near our house and we just love him.  He doesn't often come out during the day, but the smoky skies 
must have fooled him.  I took this from inside the house.
Buddy, enjoying his leather chicken We have trouble with the cats stealing Buddy's food.  Here I was trying out a, 
"close him on the porch" method for letting him eat his own meals. No one liked it.

Buddy doesn't like a lot of dogs, but there are two different neighbor dogs 
named Bella and he loves both of them! This one belongs to Dan & Tracie.

Deep thoughts   
A fat bumble bee working over my flowers My flowers, and my own shadow as a bonus.

 Seems like the flowers bloom extra-bright in Montana, 
it's like they know they don't have much time to get it all in before fall.

Eating dinner on the patio at the Trego Pub, we were blessed to be there on the day
they got their new official mascot doggie.  She was a sweetie.  
Second cutting at the Casazza ranch.


 A pretty yellow bird on our yard fence. 

 Moody skies The elusive owl.  It is super hard to spot him in the trees like this, but Eric saw him.  Wish his head wasn't behind a limb.

Looking at our place one smoke-free evening.

These horses and mule belong to our neighbor, we see them often on our walks.


  Really neat trident-tree along our walking path.  

Trail Cam Footage

  A pretty nice rack is growing on this little buck A group of at least 4 deer in one shot, I liked that.
 The mule seems to be an attention hog, he used up about 200 frames of trail cam shots. A fawn grazing near the camera
A bear butt.  We'd been seeing his sign around, but we didn't see him in person this year. This deer is in the same part of the shot.  I share this to give a feel for how tall the bear is. 
 The prima donna mule making another appearance.   Skunk!
 You might wonder, why is this coyote running? Answer: the neighbor dog is on his trail! 

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