July in Montana
July 2018

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This was a good month, as you will see! 
 Buddy and I went on an adventure to check out Sunday Falls. Here we are at a small cascade just down a bit from the falls.
We missed the parking lot for the falls and went about 20 minutes down bad roads to this 
mountain lake.  We decided to take a hike around to make the most of the situation.
 It was a pretty lake, as they always are. 

Later when Eric was with us in Montana, we took a trip to Fernie, BC.

At last, we found the right parking lot and made the easy walk to the falls.  Beautiful!   
Fernie is a beautiful little town with cute shops, restaurants, and amazing views.  
At the Fernie Visitor Center, Buddy was a bit nervous about meeting the stuffed wolves.   He was also reluctant to meet the bear.
Finally feeling brave enough to check him out a little. Now he's really checking things out, but this wolf is giving off no information!  
Hiking to Fairy Creek Falls The falls

My men and the Fairy Creek Falls.

  At a park in Fernie, Eric took Buddy far away and then told him to go find me. 
 Buddy flies into action to comply!   A nice basket rack we saw as we headed up our driveway coming home. 

At the Lincoln County Rodeo with Dan & Rose, Lucas & Kristi & Kids, 
and Dan & Tracie & Kids (not pictured - they escaped me!)  

  Carter, looking adorable in one of Grandpa Dan's hats

I participated in a group quilting project where each person makes one block of a 
sampler quilt as well as a larger size of the same block.  These blocks were then 
used as props in a play put on by the community players.  

To thank us for the quilting work, they blessed us with a "Quilter's Tea" which was lovely.  

Speaking of adorable, Hanna is rocking the cowgirl look.  
 Here my friends Carrie & Carol prepare to sit at a lovely table. Here's the beautiful table where I sat with my friends from my quilting guild.
 The group's sampler quilt.  My block is the 3rd block on the bottom row. Here I am with the larger version of my block.  
 Buddy sure enjoys that mountain air, especially at high speeds!   Poor doggie, he has to use a wooden chair for a pillow.  Yeah right, as if the house isn't
littered with soft dog and cat beds!  

All the animals come out to investigate when I'm working on a quilt.  Here, Lily and
Buddy get closer than they usually care to be.  Both seem nervous about it.  

  No signs of nervousness here, just a pup who won the stray dog lottery.

These two can sometimes get ignored in all the frenzy of having a new dog.

  He's just so darn photogenic.


Here I've picked an apple off the tree during our walk and Buddy offers to help me eat it.
He's always offering to help with eating.
Buddy enjoying the view from the screened-in porch.  
Pooped after a rousing game of fetch Buddy, caught in the act of being spoiled.


Costich Lake and the Whitefish Range




 Uncle Eric (my husband) really enjoyed 
 his time golfing with nephew Erik (son of
 Lucas and Kristi.)  It's probably also fun
 for two guys named Eric/Erik Casazza to
 hang out together just to confuse people!  
 My favorite restaurant in Montana - Kalispell's Taco del Sol.  Get the Naked Fish Burrito!  How does my garden grow?  Great! 

At a favorite resale shop in Kalispell.  Priceless!  

This sign was out in July!  July is a month where my fellow Oklahomans 
are already sick of melting in the 100+ degree heat, but in Montana you 
say, "Spring is here!"  

Mother & fawn near our gate 

Enjoying one of our many church picnics that we had this summer.  
Mother and fawn as seen from the trail cam. Coyote caught by the trail cam. 
A butterfly suns itself on a flower in our landscaping. Getting artsy with the wild flowers near our house

Buddy, enjoying one of our MANY walks we took this month.


 Beautiful yellow birds on our fence.  


Me & Buddy on another adventure - this time on the trail beside Dickey Lake.

  Dickey Lake is as clear and blue as the Caribbean 

Watching a mother with her ducklings

  Enjoying the nice trail. 

Dickey is a beautiful lake

  The irrigation ditch that's a major part of our daily walk from our house. 
Another coyote that Buddy & I spooked as we were on our walk. Beautiful sunrise over the mountains.  

Going through some old family photos, I found this painting done by Jeb when he was in
Elementary school.  I thought it was really good and wanted to keep this photo to remember it. 

I sent this to Eric, joking that I saw a statue of him in Whitefish.   

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