Celebrating Independence Day in Montana
July 2018

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We started our celebration of freedom near Kila, touring the mountain owned by Jeb & Amy with a business partner. It is a beautiful investment!  Later we joined the Casazza clan for a gathering at the ranch that included a lot of food and the most spectacular fireworks demonstration yet seen at one of our gatherings.  (Guests brought the fireworks, we have to invite them again!!)  We also enjoyed some time on Glen Lake at Larry & Mary Beth's dock area.  Always a fun time.  It was a great week of family time and enjoying our freedom as Americans.  
Starting our tour of Jeb & Amy's mountain Buddy approves
 Exploring the lower parts of the parcel Now we've driven to the very top to enjoy the great views
From the top of Jeb & Amy's mountain Arriving at the D-C Ranch to much firework activity by the young ones
 Gathering for prayer  Jeb & Larry digging in
  Lane & Colt goofing off
 Carter & Aubrey  Hunter & Aubrey

Lucas heading out to join a brother chat session.  Lucas is still recovering from his wreck 
in February.  He uses a golf putter in lieu of a cane.  

Boys being boys Trying to capture how dirty Colt got, but you'd just have to see it in person. 


  Lane & Aubrey having adventures
 Rose, our matriarch enjoying seeing her family gathered together Bella was afraid of fireworks, so she kept close to her family
These are some of Becca's great pictures that I stole off of Facebook  
 The gang getting ready for the show.  It was a BIG show!   Mark & Larry building a fire.  Wherever two or more Casazza boys are gathered, 
there will be a fire.  

Watching the sun set so we can start the fireworks.

  They're on! 
 Scenes from Glen Lake at Larry & Mary Beth's dock Larry & Eric taking out the stand-up paddle boards
 You can't beat the scenery for water sports here. Time for tubing! 
 Gus, being the sweet dog he is.  

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