Montana Sights
June 2018

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I threw a month's worth of beautiful sights, fun adventures, cute pet pictures, and scenes of daily life here on this page.  It was a blessed month.
We got a cold snap in early June that brought fresh snow to the mountains. 
It was beautiful (when seen from indoors!) 
 Buddy joining me while I have lunch at Wrap & Roll in Whitefish.
 The annual Amish Auction in the West Kootenai The beautiful hand-made quilts sold so cheaply that I couldn't stand to watch!  
Faces of expectancy.  It must be food time.  Rocket camouflage.  

Twenty-five years of cat ownership did not prepare me for this kind of adoration.
I don't deserve it, but you can't convince Buddy of that. 

Lily, adding to the claw marks on the banister, but looking pretty doing it.   
Buddy, enjoying the spot that used to belong to Lily.  
Lily must make due with just the carpet, poor thing.  
Lily knows she is not allowed on the kitchen island.  
However, she seems to have found a technicality to get around this silly rule.  
I took Buddy to the Whitefish Farmer's Market whenever possible.  
It's a wonderful market and good socializing practice for Buddy.  
Golden evening light on the front yard. 


This was an interesting experience for Eric and I.  We were driving down the busy highway 93 between 
Kalispell and Whitefish when we saw two large figures cross the highway about 1/4 mile ahead of us.  
I said, "Those are the biggest dogs I've ever seen!"  Eric said, "Those aren't dogs, they're bears!"  

It was a mother bear and her cub and they both somehow made it all the way across that busy highway.
However, the cub was so scared that he didn't stop when he reached the other side and he got lost.  We 
were past them by this point, but turned around to check on them.  Here the mother bear stands angrily 
in someone's yard while she searches for her cub.  She was really wound up! 

She eventually gave up and ran off, we didn't get to see the cub again.  This happened right beside 
the CrossFit gym so Eric went in to tell them to keep the dogs and kids indoors for a while to be safe.  
As it always happens in Montana, this caused an immediate evacuation of all adults, kids, and dogs
to the outdoors to look for the bear.  It's like telling an Okie to take cover from a tornado!

 Here the mother bear looks for her cub
Trying to zoom in the picture  She continued to search, snort, and pitch a fit for several minutes.
I hope she found her cub!
Driving toward the ranch, things look beautiful during haying season. The ranch with the hay down in the front field. 
Fishing after a fun dinner with Amy, Jeff, and the kids. Heading back to the house. 
At Abayance Bay for a benefit concert with the family.  
It was rainy so everyone was under shelter.
Here's everyone under shelter now! 

We got a lovely rainbow when the rain quit that night.
  My man and his dog, out for adventure.
 We were blessed to add another parcel of land to E-S Ranch this summer. Beautiful Monarch Butterfly on my prized lilacs.  

The garden is in and planted!  

Not sure if this is love or war, but it was interesting to watch them
fly entwined for a long time.  

The landscaping is ready for another summer.



I love to drive up near the border to peek into Canada on clear days.

One stormy evening I took these 360-degree photos of the place.  Here, two deer
are silhouetted against the stormy sky.  
Big clouds build up over the mountains behind our house.
Looking southward And generally northeast toward the town of Eureka.
There were a lot of coyotes seen near our house this year. Here's one now.  My mother gave us a trail cam for Christmas last year.  We had a lot of 
fun playing with it this summer.  Here are some of the better shots. 
We got a few glimpses of the mother elk living in our woods.

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