May 2018

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In late May, we made our 3-day drive from OKC to Montana.  We have done the drive so many times now that it's hard to tell one trip from another, except that this year we threw a dog into the mix.  That made things interesting, especially for our 3 cats!  Here are some pictures of our trip to Montana and of the animals as they settled in there.  

Three days of very close quarters for the dog and cats went better than expected. 

On the 3-day drive to Montana, these two mortal enemies found common ground.  
Here the gray cats tussle over sharing this carrier. An uneasy peace is reached.
 Contentment finally reigns over the cat carrier.


Here we are!  We arrived to find everything looking beautiful.


Warning - the following pictures are ALL of our pets.  Don't say I didn't warn you! 

Buddy adjusted to the screened porch immediately. Here he is, off leash and running for all he's worth.  He's had such fun running the hills.
Adventure dog!  He can leap cow patties with a single bound.

Looking over his domain.

  I left this picture extra large so you can see the stare down between him and the deer.
My dog-training book says, "Dogs WILL get up to shenanigans."  Some of Buddy's 
shenanigans involve shredding paper products.
I threw this blanket over an old cat bed for him, but he acts like he's going to 
get in trouble for using it. 

This is him, popping up under the keyboard tray in our Oklahoma
house.  He isn't good at waiting for me to finish using the computer.
  Making himself comfortable in what used to be Lily's favorite spot on the couch.

Buddy watching out the car window, on deer patrol no doubt. 

This is a big deal - for 3 months, Lily wouldn't be in the same room with Buddy.  
We have a tall office chair in Montana that is the #1 cat bed.  Here Lily tries to 
force Rocket to relinquish it.
All Feisty needs is a cardboard box to make her happy, and thanks to Amazon, 
we have LOTS of them!  

Buddy & me riding in the truck in Montana.  

  On one of our many walks around the property.

Here he is with a green neck after rolling in horse poo.

  This is Buddy lying across my foot rest of my stand-up desk.
Trying to get attention however he can manage it. 
I was having my morning quiet time, but somehow it turned into my
morning "pet Buddy" time.  
I told Eric he should really stop putting his guns in what is obviously a dog bed.

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