Montana in July
July 2017

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These are some sights I felt worth sharing that I encountered in Montana this month.  Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I did! 
One morning I got up early and was surprised to see 3 elk in front of our house.  
The male really checked out our cattle guard like he was thinking of going past it.
I think he has his eye on my lilac bushes! 
Next they walked around to the side of the house, toward the lake.

This is the point where they discovered there is a fence and a ditch between
them and the lake, so they circled up to devise a different plan.  Guess they 
didn't feel like putting out too much energy that early in the morning. 

  One of the twin fawns we've had spending great amounts of time in our lawn this year. 
I love how the dots run down each side of its neck, all the way down its back. 
 Rocket intently watching the deer in his yard Lily watching also, but not really very interested.  She'd rather take a nap. 
We think it is a boy and girl, and that the boy always comes into the yard 
first. He's bold and she's a bit timid. 
You will find that I can't help but be fascinated when they pose just alike, like you see here. 
 And here,  and here. 
 Time for a little sibling grooming. Now they decided to look alike again. 


 Yes, yes, I know you're tired of these "twinkie" pictures by now.  But I'm not!   

Now they go for the mirror-image look while relaxing in the sun.  What contentment!  And now for something completely different - a weasel! 
This guy is a silly goose, he runs all around like a cartoon character.  I get such a kick out of watching him.  I see him often in the mornings and evenings on our patio. 
 He can also be found in our barn at other times of the day.  He is too cute for words.   I'm told they turn white in the winter to blend in with the snow.  
Here's a shot of the weasel with a mouse he'd killed.  Everyone else around here has been
complaining about being overrun by mice, but we've only seen this one here.  Thanks weasel! 
 Mark's grain field.  This year he planted barley.  Some years it is wheat.  Canadian Rockies at sunset, seen from my driveway. 
Sometimes these huge flocks of birds come through and it brings mega cat excitement. One of the cats also alerted me to the fact that a skunk had fallen into one of our window 
wells and had become trapped.  He was a young fella.  I'll bet his mother was mad at him! 
Not knowing what else to do, I built a skunk ladder, using my
master-craftsman level woodworking skills.
The scary part was getting the ladder into the hole without getting myself sprayed! 
He wasn't inclined to leave so I ended up lowering some food and water down there too.
Turns out he was waiting for sunset, by 10pm he had cleared out of there.  
For about 3 weeks in July we played host to the Casazza cattle herd.   Bald eagle watching the edge of the lake near our house.


Beautiful rainbow one night at sunset


Lovely sunrise

Just the west side of the rainbow, landing on the end of the lake that I think is so beautiful  
Trying to capture the snowy Canadian Rockies, the lake, and our house in one shot.  The inlet of the lake, I love this spot! 

I was excited that my Black-Eyed Susans were starting to bloom         

 Beautiful pair of yellow birds as seen from my office window A different yellow bird on another day, also from my office window. 
We had a church picnic one evening at Dickie Lake (which I did not photograph, due to being tired.) 
However, I decided to stay afterward to take pictures of the sunset. I got this shot, thinking it was 
the best I was going to see.  
Then as I was driving away and too far gone to turn back, the sky lit up like it was
on fire.  This would have made for some awesome pictures if I'd have stayed by the 
water, but we'll just have to imagine that because it was past my bed time! 
 Geese on parade Interesting clouds as seen from my office one evening near sunset.

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