Montana Sights
June 2017

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We had a great June, full of beautiful weather and fun events.  I've thrown most of our activities and sights here on this one page so that I can have more time to be out there enjoying this beautiful place.  Hope you like the pictures! 
On an outing to Stillwater Canyon with Eric.  This is a favorite climbing spot. The bluffs on the other side of the creek from where he climbs.

I tried a solo hike to Finger Lake, but I took a wrong turn on the trail and ended up at a different lake.
The scary part was when someone found my car key lying on the trail, it had fallen off from where I'd
pinned it to my clothes.  That could have been awful!  I'd left my water, phone, bear spray, everything
in the car.  Won't do that again! 

 A hummingbird nest - how awesome is that?!  

 Flowers around the lake that was not Finger Lake  
Not Finger Lake  :-)  Graduation party for Cody in Columbia Falls

Dan & Rose having a laugh

  Jeb finding a good seat on Amy for chatting with Larry & Rebecca
Jody is holding Hunter here.  It looks like she's saying, "We need one of these" and Mark
is saying, "NO!"  (Their oldest is 23 and the youngest is 5 years old.)  
Tracie and Amy cuddling some baby chicks they were raising in the basement

One morning I woke up to find three elk in the front of our house

  They were grazing in the field when I first saw them
Then they came even closer to the house.  Here the bull checks out our cattle guard. He thinks, "I could step over that thing, no problem!"  
Now they head around the side of the house, toward the lake Circle for safety.  (An old Phillips Petroleum safety slogan that seemed to apply here.)  
 Shots of a sunset rainstorm   
Have I told you lately how much I love our lilac bushes?  The hummingbirds and bees love them too.
 I do love lilacs. And Bear Grass, but I'm sure I've mentioned that.  
 A beautiful sunset seen one evening on a walk with a friend He had the idea to get silhouette pictures in front of the sunset.  Here's one for Eric. 
 And one for me. This is where I have most of my meals, looking out at the lake and all the animal activity. 
 The geese babies are getting bigger It is absolutely impossible to have a clean car here, so I took a picture after hand-washing 
my still-feels-new Subaru.  
 Montana plates!  And we now have Montana drivers' licenses too.  Amazing sunset.  I don't see many in the summer because I'm already asleep before it gets dark. 
I love when the aspens reflect perfectly in the lake Casazza cows on the hill
 Ponderosa grove, looking lovely in the golden sunset light A blackbird enjoying our pond
This group of deer felt it was too much hassle to get up when we walked past. I found this cutie out by the barn. He was going places.  
Mark joined us for a walk one evening. It started by us admiring his great work on the head gate.  On our favorite trail near the house. 
Waiting for these deer to notice us. Casazza Brothers #4 and #3
 Wildflower seen on our walk More wildflowers, with Mark, our house, the lake, and Eric - all good stuff! 
 Dan, Lane, and Eric getting in a little evening fishing one beautiful night.   

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