Montana Sights and Scenes
May 2017

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This was our first month of 2017 to live in Montana and boy, was it ever a beauty.  A long, wet winter resulted in a lush, green spring.  It will eventually become a hot, dry, smoky summer - but let's just enjoy these spring pictures and forget about that for now.  
 Our landscaping looks best when the lilacs are in bloom.  I love our lilacs! 

Canada showing off her snowy Rockies

I also love Bear Grass, to a point of annoyance for Eric as I always want to stop for pictures.  
Looking out from our property over the town of Eureka and into the mountains of the West Kootenai  We had Eagles living near our lake this year, usually two but sometimes we saw more.
 Getting a drink with the buddy providing cover The view from our front yard
 The eagles up high... And a little closer
 Eric and I on a trip up Graves Creek Rd, just to see how far we could go  It was cold up there! 

At Dan's house, discussing the solutions to all the world's ills

We started up a hiking trail but it quickly became too snowy for our inadequate footwear.  
Grandbaby Lily rules the roost at this house, she is so adorable. She loves animals, I think she's wanting to give Prince a smooch.
Grandma Tracie helping Lily pick a flower Here we take a walk up the hill to look at the work Jeb & Amy are doing on their cabin.
They are putting on new siding as one of the projects Of course, if there's something dangerous to do, Uncle Eric has to try it. 

Lovely view

  Lily had a great time climbing up the hill, but was ready for rescue when it came time to come down. 
 Back at Dan & Tracie's house, playing with the horses Lily gets to sit on Fancy, the sweetest horse ever.
Lane saddling his horse Sunny I love the mountains with snow on them, it's so pretty.

 Great views of one of the eagles in their favorite tree.

 Thanks Eric for lending a shoulder as my tripod for this shot.
 The eagle is at the far left of the picture, and our house is at the right. Pretty bird spotted on one of our many walks in the woods.
Geese with a string of babies between them Our pond was full from all the winter snow melt and spring rains
 Wildflowers were everywhere Here we took a long walk trying to find Pinkham Falls using Google Maps.  Turns out 
asking a local was a much better idea.  We weren't even close on this day.  
   Pinkham Creek really rushing its way to Lake Koocanusa
If there's a rock, Eric will climb it  
 My king of the mountain Back at home, watching the sunset
 Looking at our house from across the lake  Eagle over our house
  Eric investigates a hole in some tree roots 


 Stillwater Canyon   


 Kaitlyn's graduation party at Dan & Tracie's

 Another shot that includes an eagle and our house On a walk with Eric.  Deer on the top of the hill ahead.
Here we have 3 eagles in the tree, my hubby, and our house - many of my favorite things!  On a different walk, heading toward the wheat field.  There are mountains as far as the eye can see.

Our house and barn with the snowy mountains behind.  What a blessing! 

  Aubrey played piano for us at her birthday party
I was desperate to snuggle with Jeb & Amy's sweet cat, but he 
wanted Grandpa Dan.  Here's a blurry picture of them on the couch.
The water is on!  It's always a happy day when the irrigation water starts to flow again.
It may be there for a practical reason, but it is still beautiful to see, hear, and smell.   

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