Christmas in Montana
December 2016

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Eric flew to Montana on Christmas Eve, barely making it due to delayed flight adventures.  I don't have any pictures from that time though, just a few shots I took after joining him there on Tuesday the 27th.  All the snow was a bit of a shock to me, as we'd had several days of high 60 degree temps in Oklahoma.  I hadn't needed a coat for days and then I was slipping in the snow.  It was beautiful there though, and we had a very nice trip. 
   I had a 4-hour layover in MSP on my way up there.
 Here I am hiding behind a huge Christmas tree, 
 seeking a quiet spot to enjoy the lunch I'd packed.

 MSP tip: later I discovered that there's a "quiet area"
 upstairs above the shopping mall area of this airport.
 It was really a nice place to kill a few hours.  


 Looking out the living room window the first morning Eric, clearing the front walk

Looking back at the house from one of our walks.  Notice the frozen lake to the right.
Yes, those are footprints on the lake.  I still can't get used to the idea of that! 
  This is just an average step taken on one of our walks, where my foot sank 
up to my mid-shin in snow.  It was hard going for me, but Eric had no problem.
One of the nice views along our walking route Eric showing me how to collapse in the snow to make a "snow bed" 
 It took a little convincing, but once I was down, I saw the benefits clearly - it was comfortable!  Looking at our house and the mountains from the barn
 No visit to Eureka is complete without a sighting of the town turkeys.  This time they
 were taking over the bank parking lot. 

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