Montana Sights and Scenes
September 2016

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This was a fun, busy, and bittersweet month since it was our last in Montana for this year.  We saw more bears in the last two weeks of September than Eric can remember seeing over the course of his whole life while growing up here.  It was a great month.

Mark's combine doesn't quite fit into our barn, but we're calling it close enough!

  This was taken from our dining room window. Eric and I were eating 
lunch when I said, "Is that a bear right there?"  Yep, it was. 

This bluebird was on the fence in our yard right in line with the bear, but I
didn't have the patience to get my camera settings correct to catch them
both at once.

I took several pictures of it foraging around, so scroll fast if you tire of bear photos  
Here the bear is easier to see as he heads to the water for a drink Here you see the bear and the bluebird in the same frame - equal opportunity blurry
  But before he gets that drink, he wants to do a bit more snacking

This is just part of a herd of elk who hung out in this field for a few days this September

Finally, time for a drink.  We watched him from our dining room 
for about 20 minutes that day.

 I couldn't decide if I liked the lighter or darker picture of these sun rays best.  You choose.

Bird with a snack on our fence Parting shots of our mountain views before we go
 Misty morning on the lake A fawn coming down our driveway
   Birds heading out for the season.  Actually these are flying north, maybe they were confused! 
Beautiful orange light one evening at sunset  Views of Canada from our driveway
This was taken out my office window "Hey, knock it off with that camera.  Can I get a little privacy here?!"  
He hung out there nibbling grass and resting for about 30 minutes. Dan Sr. brought over his tractor and big tiller so that Eric could prepare us a garden spot for next year.
He saw me watching so he had to show off.  Typical! That was the easy part, the harder part will be waiting for us next spring! 
   We got to see the trees start to change color before we left, they were so pretty.
This little buck had a nice rack.  Maybe called a "basket rack", but I'm not up on all the lingo yet. This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.  Once again, God does the work, I just show up with a camera. 
 Sunrays  Glowing sunset

The salmon run each September and they open up a snagging season on the 15th.
Eric did a lot of snagging and a lot of salmon smoking.  They were good eating! 
Thanks Dad for giving us the smoker, we sure put it to good use. 

  This is one of the most picturesque old farms in the county.  The Purdy Ranch.
 Another view that includes their entrance sign. Looking out over Eureka from the edge of our land at sunset.
 A bit later that night, God set the clouds on fire.  Beautiful!  I took this because I liked the changing trees and the pretty clouds.

 More interesting clouds

We kept seeing a bear near our house so we started taking a rifle with us on our walks.
We also liked to take apples with us occasionally so we could share them with our horse friends.
The Pidgeon Bridge house, The River Lodge, with its yard filled in and looking great.
A fawn eating our lawn just beneath our dining room window. Another beautiful sunset.  
  Goodbye yellow bird.  See you and everything else next year! 

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