August Sights in Montana
August 2016

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 Pretty yellow bird in the tree outside my office window This doe seems to say, "I'm going to eat your yard, nanner nanner!"


 Evening view out the living room window

 Beautiful sunset  
 This sunset also included a rain shower off to its side Another beauty.  The clouds seem to catch fire.
 These are scenes from our favorite walk.  This is the inlet to Costich lake.
Our neighbor's horses wander across some of our land that isn't fenced, 
I've given them a few apples so we're best buds now.  They are sweethearts.  
This deer was hoping I'd turn around, she didn't want to bother pretending
to be afraid of me.
There are some owls around here, we just love them.  Here's a bad picture of one of them. 
 Here's a better picture of another one.  He was big! One of the oldest ranches in the valley, the Purdy Ranch.  
Our joint venture wheat field with Mark, currently planted in a fertilizing crop.  

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