July Sights & Scenes in Montana
July 2016

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 The early part of a sunrise is all pinks & blues The later it's all gold and black



 This pair of beautiful bluebirds were hanging around outside my office window one morning.

 Rick getting started on putting in our cattle guard.  Dan & Rose gave us the original 
 cattle guard from the ranch that Dan made himself about 40 years ago. 
Here it is being put into place
 This was an interesting drama.  This deer was being tormented by a flock of ravens,
 or crows, I don't really know the difference.  It kept chasing them all over the clearing.
They would let the deer get about this close, then they'd fly just out of reach. 

It drove that poor deer crazy. She probably had a baby bedded down nearby and didn't
want them messing with her little one. 

 Beautiful clouds over the mountains one evening Sunset lighting up the clouds
 Close-ups of the hummingbirds who hang out at our feeder I love how the light makes their throats glow 
 Maybe those tail feathers act like brakes for them  
 Reverse course! Full speed ahead
 Trees reflecting in the evening light  
 Two deer walking toward the end of the lake in the evening  
 I had just texted this picture to Eric to ask him what might have made these tracks.
 Eric said, "Looks like a little skunk to me."
Less than 15 minutes later, here comes a little skunk, putting his front
paws right up on the patio, then wandering off across the yard.

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