June in Montana
June 2016

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House projects, scenery, animals, and events from the month of June.
 In the early stages of my landscaping project when the Lilacs were in full bloom. The barn in the golden evening light


The house in the evening light.  I can't believe I get to live here! 

 We had a surprise sink hole appear in our yard one morning.  I removed as much of
 the sod as I could stand to do (it was hard work!) to use for patching the hole.
Here our buddy Rick puts many scoops of dirt into the hole.  
I'm so glad the hole appeared while he was here doing other work! 
 Our barn.  Our niece Cami is going to have her wedding reception here next month. Jodi takes a break from decorating the barn to help Colt put a 
band-aid on his wounded gorilla
 My pictures don't do it justice, but the lights look really pretty in there!   Sunrise out the dining room window

The garage has been one of my major projects this month.  It used to be dirty and piled with junk.  Now it is beautiful!!


The little fawns are so awkward and adorable!


My other big project for June was the landscaping on the front of the house, 
as well as sealing the lovely rock work that was done for us this spring. 

We also got gutters put on this month.  I'm so happy with how it all came out! 

 There are two baby deer living near our house.  I love watching them frolic around.  I believe the mountains in the far left of this picture are in Canada.  Beautiful! 
 Full moon as seen one morning near the barn Another beautiful sunrise

Dillon's last evening with his family was well spent in fishing on a lovely night.

  Magpie posing on our fence outside my office window.
 An adorable fawn sneaking across our driveway The geese work their way around our house eating grasshoppers every day.


Our house in the center, with Costich Lake in front and the town of Eureka in back.


The yellow canola fields in Kalispell are beautiful this time of year.  When the sun hits
these fields they glow!  But you'll have to imagine that because it was overcast that day.

  Skies over Stillwater lake
 Dickie Lake  Thirsty hummingbird
Cool clouds
  Sunrise at our house

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