Sights & Scenes from our May in Montana
May 2016

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We picked a great time to return to Montana this year.  It was a beautiful month.  Hope I don't wear you out with all the sky pictures, I can't seem to stop myself. 

Sunrise out our living room windows


 We feel so blessed to have loons living in the lake in front of our house.  
They make the most beautiful sounds, and it is very fun to watch them live life.

I will share a sneak preview of news we learned in June - they are now the 
proud parents of two baby loons! 
Here is a link to a page where you can hear the different Loon calls and get a translation of them.

This picture shows the loon just going down for a dive.


One Saturday the Casazza family got together to work the cows for the spring.
Being not quite at home on a ranch, I swooped in for a few pictures and got out of there again real quick! 

 The view on my walk down to the ranch Coming up on the Casazza ranch from above
 Rose, Ashley, Mark, Dan Sr, Eric, Tracie, Dan (you can't see him), and Cody
 all working together 
Family friends keep horses at the ranch and this one had a cute little foal
 It was really testing out its bucking muscles!   

 A pair of elk we sometimes see across the lake



Our home.  Sometimes I can't even believe it. 

 Eric tending to our burn pile before it gets too dry to clean it up. See the deer behind the barn?  They aren't afraid of anything, even fire.

I thought that was a neat cloud formation on the left side

  Here I take you with us on our favorite walk.  The irrigation ditch to the left
makes a lovely burbling sound and the cottonwoods make the air smell amazing.
 This tree is HUGE.  You can't tell from here because the base of it is
 far down in a deep gully.  Eric tried to wrap his arms around the base
 and got only about half way, so that makes it about 12' around I think.
 We love this tree.
Continuing on the walk...
 On the corner it opens up for a lovely view of the town and distant mountains A deer enjoying a cool place to have a snack ahead of us on the trail

 Still on our walk, now we're out in the open with 360-degree mountain views.  Amazing.
 The men-folk around here are pretty easy on the eyes too! 

"Love trees" they are entwined

   A view of our house from the top of the hill.  The mountains you can 
 barely see to the right are Canadian Rockies.  

 I can't stop taking pictures of the sky when I'm here   A view of a beautiful Ponderosa pine with the lake and our house in the background

This muskrat came out to check on us one evening as we walked by.

  Sometimes our walks take us around the lake to visit brother Dan's family.
Here they check out his sweet new ride.
It gets dark very late here, 10pm-ish. I'm usually asleep by then so I miss a lot of sunsets.  The clouds looked like they were on fire this evening.
My in-laws were driving back from Kalispell one evening and had a close encounter with
a moose at 60 mph.  The car is totaled but incredibly they were unhurt.  Thank you Lord! 

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