July Sights & Scenes in Montana
July 2015

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Scenes from our life in Montana during the month of July

These are Sandhill Cranes, who took a walk in the grass beside our house one evening.



This is a whole family of turkeys that we saw on a walk with Jeb & Amy one Sunday afternoon


 The first tiny fawn I saw on our property, wobbling along behind its momma Much later in the month, she can hardly keep up with the little one!
 Why walk when you can leap and prance? Beautiful young buck in the yard one evening
 This one has had his fur scratched up This buck is heading to our marshy area where the grass is tall, the deer love that spot
Proof that I love my cats.  No cats were harmed after they did this to our brand 
new house.  It was even done in the middle of the night, waking us up!  These are 
hind claw marks from where one of them couldn't haul their fat belly up into the window. 
Lily, trying to prove that they are worth the trouble.  This has become the 
favorite pass-time of these two - napping in the recliner.
 Here, Lily patiently waits for Eric to show up for another nap.  A rare shot of all three cats together, enjoying some packing material
See who gets the most use out of our new living room furniture - Rocket... Lily...
 And Feisty Eric says, "Can I please use the furniture too?"  She answers, "NO."  


There used to be a sharp drop-off where our road turns, and a deep hole
where we got our topsoil for the yard.  Rick Peterson to the rescue!
Now it is a nice, smooth area that looks much better.  


 Two bucks swimming across the lake one early morning Beautiful sunset over the mountains

An interesting sunrise - I think there was both wildfire smoke and clouds involved in this.  
At this time, we were getting smoke from fires in Washington and Canada.
  Cool reflection effect of some deer across the lake as the sun goes down 

Beautiful full moon - this was the best shot I could get that night
 I couldn't decide which picture I liked best so you get both  

The next morning as the moon was going down
  The lovely yellow fields seen all around Kalispell


The red throat of this hummingbird is iridescent - beautiful! 
   Hummingbird ballet
 Wasps were a problem for our birds until we got a great wasp trap One incoming bird about to knock this one out of his spot - they don't share! 

Putting on the brakes for a landing
  Cool moonrise shot
 Look at how the main rainbow actually lands on our property - going in front of the trees.  Usually we don't see that.  The other end of the rainbow was at the beautiful end of the lake.  



I couldn't get the whole thing into one picture, but it was beautiful to see it all.
  Look how the sky is darker on the outside of the rainbow - too cool! 
Brothers Eric, Dan, and Mark checking out Mark's grain grinder Eric and Mark on the ranch
 Mark's pigs - he got two heritage breeds They are funny creatures
This skunk lives at our house, here he is on our driveway Going into his home - a pipe that was left on our property near the driveway
 We get a lot of whirlwind / dust devil things around here  

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