Therriault Pass Hike with Eric
July 19, 2015

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This is our second attempt at this (not very challenging) hike.  The first time, Eric was concerned about my knees and wouldn't let us go very far.  The second time we made it nearly to the top before the signs of nearby bear were too noticeable to ignore.  We didn't have bear spray or a gun, so we decided that we didn't want to face a bear armed only with our sparkling personalities.  Maybe by the end of summer we'll finally complete this one easy hike! 

There were lots of butterflies up there
  These were on one particular rock, it must have been salty or something
 On our way  This water trickling down the hill was very pretty in person, not so much in a picture
 Again, you had to be there A log that appeared to be very freshly shredded by a bear.  We say fresh 
judging by the wood and the swarm of ants we saw running around.
 Glen Lake is far below us here Eric is far above me here, hoping to find the bears first

  One side of the pass

The pass again, landscape mode this time
 More stumps torn by bear, this may not have been fresh  
 My man, stopping for a water break Continuing my series of shots from nearly the same spot...

Smiling, sweaty Shawnna
 So pretty!   
 More butterfiles Two clusters of butterflies, they were totally digging some turds on the trail!  
 Blurry shot of a grouse we saw on the way out.
 My windshield is way too dirty for pictures, so I was 
 waving the camera out the window. 

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