Boating on Koocanusa with Dan & Rose
July 12, 2015

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One Sunday evening, we took off for the lake with Dan & Rose to enjoy a little boating.  After a rocky start, we had a nice evening.  
 The deer chased Tipper, I'll bet she had a baby nearby This looks like some kind of orchid to me, but I'm no specialist. It is pretty though.
 Put 'er in the lake, we're ready to go! On the lake
 Cruisin' The HooDoos, very close to Dan & Rose's house
 This one looks like it is about to fall off of there The Ponderosa (Dan & Rose's house) as seen from the lake
 A final view of the lake before we head back for homemade limeade on the porch  Enjoying our limeades in the cool breeze after a hot day
 Butterfly on Rose's beautiful flowers  

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