Kootenai Falls
July 3, 2015

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NW Montana had some record hot temperatures in late June and early July 2015.  I was determined not to stay indoors hiding from the heat, so I went to Kootenai Falls near Libby, MT on my day off that I got for the 4th of July.  Eric was back in Oklahoma in pretty much the same temperatures, except that you expect that in Oklahoma in July!  

The pretty walk you take from the parking area to the falls
  My first glimpse of the falls

When you were this close to the falls, the river acted as a natural air conditioner.
 It was fun to see a train come through as I crossed the railroad
 bridge.  There were kids on the bridge so they honked at us.
 These falls aren't dramatic drops so much as a long series of short drops that make for beautiful scenery  
 Heading over to the swinging suspension bridge First, a stop to cool off.  That water comes out of the bottom of Libby Dam so it was COLD!
 Cool patterns in the large rock I was sitting on.  Downriver from the falls a little bit
 The suspension bridge had a lot of gaps and made a lot of creaks, but I still had to stop to take pics Looking back at the bridge from the other side.

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