Sights and Scenes from June
June 2015

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 Elk at Jeb & Amy's cabin.  There were 3 but one was anti-social. One of MANY beautiful sunsets
 Same sunset, later time - seen through the trees at Jeb & Amy's Crescent moon
 Sunset at the barn A full moon over the barn one morning
 Sunrise as seen from our living room A view of the mountains from the wheat field (when it was green, it turned early this year!) 

The ranch looking lovely one evening with the hay down from first cutting
Redneck granite hauling - these are our backsplashes that made 
several 90-minute trips back & forth to Kalispell.


 This was the first fawn I saw of the year, right in the middle of the road.  
It was so newly born that it could hardly stand up.  It was very wobbly! 

Topsoil!  Step 1 for having grass.  Six weeks later, we're still not on Step 2...  

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