Therriault Pass Hike with Dan & Eric
June 14, 2015

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The day after his daughter's wedding, Dan needed to get outdoors and relax a bit.  We went along on a hike toward Therriault Pass, which was made a bit longer by the fact that the gate was still closed which prevented us from driving to the trailhead.  Often at this time of year there is too much snow to allow cars up there, but it was a HOT June this year, there was no hint of snow anywhere.  Poor Dan didn't get much exercise because of us flat-landers, but it was still a nice time hanging out together.  
 Heading up the road we weren't allowed to drive on Taking a look at the pass before we turned around
 Therriault Pass  I forgot what plant this was now, but aren't they cute mini pinecones? 
 Some high-powered ammo had been shot into the gate A lovely flower along the path
 Another look at the pass Driving out
 Scenery on the drive home Everyone's resting - horses, birds, it's all good

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