Ashley & Cody's Wedding
July 13, 2015

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Ashley and Cody Rose were united in marriage in June of this year.  We had some nice family time leading up to this, and the wedding was truly beautiful.  
 How many Casazzas can we fit in one bathroom?  A bunch!  
 Jeb & Amy got this one redone over the winter, so we're inspecting.
The joke is, whenever two ore more Casazzas are gathered, there will be a
lot of pointing.  Larry stages this one, but there was plenty of real pointing too.
Brothers enjoying lunch on the porch Great views including Costich lake as seen from Larry & Mary Beth's land.. 
Our house is the brown spot toward  the left side.
 Admiring this huge old tree, it has a lot of character. Now we're at Larry & Mary Beth's spot on Glen Lake.  Lane is way up the steep hill.
 Eric demonstrates the proper way to pet Gus, he's just a little guy. Katie with Hanna and her cute sun bonnet 
 Deep thoughts amongst the guys Kids being kids at the lake

Rebecca, Hanna, and Mary Beth watching the madness
 Rose has the right idea!   

The blending of families in action
Everyone was invited to the rehearsal dinner, which was a great meal  
 Hanna, being curious Carter, being silly

Wedding day! 


Pretty sweet spot for a wedding, right?  
This is at Dan & Tracie's Eureka house.

 Pretty table centerpieces  Me & E, squinting in the sun
 The groomsmen at a far distance (I was poaching off the real photographer)  The pond below Dan & Tracie's house
Dan & Larry getting set up for the reception.  Larry & Mark helped a bunch that day. Mindy with her grandson and Marie
 The Casazza family can fill up a side of a wedding The backdrop for the wedding
 Cody and the pastor approach Jeb, making Jacob Handy (behind him) laugh
 Tracie  Becky, followed by Perry and Lilly
The whole crowd erupted in "Aaahhh" sounds when Lilly came through!   Blending of sand to represent blending the families

 Cami  Rebecca
 The bridesmaids Here comes the bride! 
 Madison and Aubrey giving a big smile The groomsmen, Lane did such a good job of standing still in the sun

Count on Jeb to do something hilarious every time.  He stood on his 
chair to get a better view of the bride.
 Almost there...  
 Wonder what they're talking about?  Looks interesting!   Look at all the beautiful hairdos
 Ceremony  Bridesmaid boots
Lane, trying so hard to get this job just right - and he did!  Lilly didn't make a peep during the whole ceremony, she's a very good baby
 Lane, still hanging in there It's done!  They are now man & wife.
 Lucas and family came in for the wedding Larry and Eric, all smiles
 These two are big buddies Hanna found something she liked
It's like someone said, "Elbows up everyone!"  Few things are more boring to boys than weddings.  Is it over yet?!!

Mark with Lilly, I got this shot off of Facebook
  Another FB shot I got from one of my nieces, it's a good one!  

A great FB shot of Colt holding Lilly
  Rebecca and Katie, sisters and best friends
 Cami posted this nice shot of her with boyfriend Logan Here I poach some more of the professional photographer Gary's shots, he did great at posing them. 



Such a pretty shot of Katie
  This is the only picture I got of Dan & Tracie together, 
please excuse the camera sprouting out of Dan's head!  
I wasn't willing to climb over the fence in my dress to get this angle Aubrey, Colt, and Jodi heading back to the reception
   Mark & Eric in the chow line
 There was so much food, and it was very good  Just some of the desserts
Great shot of Larry hauling the bridesmaids in the Ranger Great shot of Cami and Jodi

 Jeb & Amy's kids - Madison, Colter, and Aubrey  

Dan did a great job on his speech. It reminded us of when he spoke at our wedding.


This wedding contained the most memorable bouquet toss I have ever seen.
  It started out well enough...

Amy & Madison, looking so pretty
But ended in a knock-down, get-up, knock- down again brawl.  What a hoot!    
 Amy & Madison, with Madison letting her Jeb side show!  Kristi is still going strong, but Hanna is running out of steam 
Jacob Handy's daughter looks like she's a bit underage for that.
Actually she was throwing them back in, which probably surprised 
someone later.
Tracie looking lovely and proud and glad it is over
 Cut the cake Smash on the face (which he didn't do in return, points for Cody!) 

Fun with the wedding toast
  Proud Grandpa Dan and Grandma Rose
  Cody & Ashley  
  Dan & Rose with the great photographer Gary Tracie, Sandy, and Kim - sisters
 Braden found two turtles which made him the celebrity of the kids Cute pose
 LOTS of volleyball was played, the Casazza girls are very good at it. Colt, being adorable by the pond
A line of Casazzas, watching the action

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