Shawnna in Montana - in winter!
October 31 - November 15, 2014

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My first trip to Montana was for Christmas in December of 1992.  Except for one February trip in the 22 years since then, I've never gone back to Montana in winter again!  However, the inside of our house is pretty much done now, so I wanted to spend some time "nesting" - getting it all set up for use.  It was a great trip, despite the cold.

Swans - just one of the many different kinds of wildlife I got to see

  Lovely views - and fairly nice temps the first week
  A Bald Eagle I saw several times over the lake
   A formation of geese flying over the fields

The house as seen from the road into the property


Eric loves this mountain range

The house (rock work and yard work and screened porches to be done later)
Visitors!  Jeb, Amy, Coulter, and Aubrey came for an after-church visit on Sunday. It was great!  Jeb made me laugh with his awesome photographer skills


 This is a view of my office.  It has a wonderful
 sit/stand desk and an amazing set of views.  
 The beautiful bookcase in the kitchen that Bill Poch made for us, 
 I haven't yet got it just how I want it, but it still looks nice. 
 The view from my office of the end of the lake.  The sunrises were so pretty.
 It was around this time that the temps dropped like a rock and the snow came.
 Another view from my office one early morning  You guessed it, a third view from my office!  I did a lot of viewing...
Every five minutes the sky was doing some new beautiful thing The dining room and kitchen, including the lovely flowers that Tracie gave us
 The entry The stairs to Eric's loft office
 The shower - they did a great job on this with very little direction from us My first dinner guests!  After an adventurous day full of moving
cattle, wrecking a truck, pulling out said truck, etc., Dan & Rose
come over for a visit and a birthday meal for Rose.   Poor Dan 
is bushed at this point, but he stayed awake through the whole meal! 

Sunrise on the mountains


A coyote in the front yard

On clear days like this one, you can see the Canadian Rockies



This is near Dickie Lake, on a shopping trip to Kalispell

 Back at the house, this little tree looked so pretty all dressed up in snow A deer checking out the boat at the end of the lake.

 Views of a sweet little bird from my office window.  Notice the bits of ice you can see on the metal poles on the picture at left? 


The living room furniture arrived just before I left
 Master bedroom  

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