Montana for Labor Day
August 30 - September 1, 2014

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We had the honor of celebrating 50 years of marriage with Dan, Rose, and the whole family this weekend.  It was a lovely party and a great weekend. 
 It was a beautiful day as we flew in to Kalispell


 Eric & Lucas at our barn Lucas went with us on a walk to the wheat field
 Beautiful, eh?  (You have to talk like that when you are so close to Canada!)   
 Deer posing in someone's front yard At Larry & Mary Beth's bath house on Glen Lake
 Eric and Kristi admiring the newest Casazza, Hanna Rose Dallas in a fierce duel with Cooper

  Gus, finally getting the attention from Rebecca that he wanted

Lucas with Carter

Braden (Bubba to everyone unless he's in trouble)
Gus is working his charm on Eric now Aubrey (Aub-dog) trying to run away with our friends' boat
Amy distracts her by teaching them to make bracelets Eric, taking a turn holding the little one
 Finally! Mom's got some room on her lap for Carter He was a little ham once he saw the camera, what a cutie!

Just a few of the vehicles it takes to have a Casazza gathering
 Eric & Larry at the house with Dan's place in the background  
 Ponderosa sunset The boys always love to gang up on the porch, it's a beautiful spot
 Mark was freeing the wheat from the stalks - somehow
 the word threshing doesn't seem right.  Shucking wheat?  Who knows...
Roselyn Casazza with Hanna Rose Casazza
 Out for a walk with some lovely ladies - Rebecca, Mary Beth, and Amy Mark, showing off all the wheat he extracted
 Blurry shot of the moon Cooper is out - he dropped where he stopped
Aub-dog doing babysitting duty Tracie enjoying some Hanna time
 Rose with Marion and Debby The lovely cakes that Debby made for the cake table
 Eric, telling a great story to Lucas and Marion Jodi getting in on some Hanna love

Dallas guarding the punch bowl
  Rose looking lovely
Here she is being grateful that our prayers for good health for Eric
were answered - he had been coming down with a cold 
Mark, wondering if it's OK to eat yet

We always call these a "seven boys picture" - we try to get one each time they are all in one place.
What a bunch of handsome men.  Who needs a full head of hair when you've got so many other things going for you?!

 I nabbed this great picture from Cami's Facebook of her and Mark  Rose with the second-to-the-youngest granddaughter, Aubrey
 Another great shot of Cami that I pinched from her Facebook A very, very rare shot of Dillon actually smiling for a camera!
I got this from Rebecca's FB page, good job Becca! 

 These are the last of the pictures I skimmed from Facebook, but aren't they good ones?!


All of the granddaughters with Grandma Rose

 Granddaughters posing... And showing off the wrist corsages that Rose gave them
 Grandsons, not too happy to be called in from playing A fierce foosball battle between Jeb & Mark drew a big crowd
 Beautiful Amy cuddling with Hanna  Friend Rita with Rose
 Leland Driggs cracking Dan and Jeb up Patty with Rose
 April and Rose  Karen enjoying a comment from Rose with Rebecca
 Rose & Dan enjoying one of Larry's stories But I think he went a little too far!
 Larry did a great job as emcee   Some of the Casazzas
 Some more of the Casazzas Tracie looking especially pretty, sitting with Dillon who 
didn't run away from the camera this time!

Dick and Marie telling stories with Mark
  Old friends Larry and John, goofing off as always
 Mick with his grandson Colt - see a resemblance?    


The boys in age order: Larry, Dan Jr, Eric, Mark, Jeb, Lucas, Dallas
They each said a few words and all of them did a really great job.


There were as many as four pool cues going at once sometimes
  I HAD to capture this!  J/K, I'm sure he does that all the time at home

Lucas is partied out!  

After the party we took a gang of relatives over to our house for the sunset



 God does nice work, doesn't He?


The end of the rainbow is right over Jeb & Amy's house on the hill.  Lovely!


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