August 1 - 9, 2014

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We enjoyed a great trip to Montana which included a few days with our good friends, the Blackmons.  We loved seeing our family, seeing the great progress on the house, and sharing this beautiful place with our friends.  

We started the trip by watching the sunset from our porch


 The following day, I thought Eric was deep into the raspberries


Until I saw just this much of Mark out there! 



Touring the wheat field with Mark



 Out for a walk - of course Eric has to do something crazy!  The Osprey was in the nest
When Casazzas go outside, the pointing is sure to follow Eating the wheat berries
 Checking out Dan & Tracie's pretty shop, they did a great job! And take a look at this foundation for their house - exciting!
 The mountains from Dan & Tracie's spot Back at the Ponderosa, these deer were lounging in the yard
 Meanwhile, "guard dog" Tipper was on break around the corner The Blackmons have arrived!  Here we are on our porch.
 They are glad to be done traveling for awhile.  The boys rigging us up a "bridge"
 Perfect!   Watching the osprey hunt
 It was HOT this trip, so we took an unplanned dip in the inlet  


Beautiful Costich Lake

Back at the Ponderosa, chillin' with Rose.   The lovely decoration she made which used our own wheat
 The table was all decked out in denim for a get-together The boys can hardly wait for the party to get started! 
 Everybody's favorite spot is on this wonderful porch Dig in!  It was a great meal.

A deer walks into a barn...


Blackmons in love


Here we are in front of our beautiful construction site


Here the boys try to free an axe that they got stuck A clever, and lethal mouse trap at Jeb's house
 Enjoying a fun ride around the property  Deep thoughts at the wheat field

Watching the geese fly off of Dan's pond


 Our 4-wheeler ride was hot and dusty, but it was a lot of fun! Meanwhile, Dan was at our house working while we had his 4-wheeler out playing
 But wait, there's more!  I also got his 4-wheeler stuck in the irrigation ditch. My rescuers approach!
 It took Dan about 45 seconds to free it. I'd spent about 15 minutes trying on my own. Now Eric feels a little dubious about celebrating his 46th birthday
 This is the settling tank for our septic system.  Exciting, right?!
On a nice long walk with Amy, this deer cleared a fence
with a LOT of room to spare! 
 Blurry shot of Mark & Cody out fishing on Costich  


Our house is near the center of this shot, it's hard to see.  


The view of our house from Dan's build site. 
He has some pressure to make sure it looks good from this angle! 

This old barn at the ranch has had a bit of
a lean to it for years, but it hangs in there.
 Eric got our screwdriver stuck in the brick With Jeb, critically eyeing his precision block-stacking work
 Grandpa Dan came back from a 3-week trip to Africa
 while we were there.  Here he is showing Lane some
 of the amazing pictures he took of the wild animals.
Not sure if this is a pretty cloud or a fire - but it is impressive.

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