Christmas in Montana
December 24 - 31, 2013

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Eric enjoyed a week with his family in Montana this Christmas.  I fear the trip turned into more of a "work on the house" trip than a "spend time with family" trip, but they got some great things done on our home.  Plus, he took a great video so that I could get a feel for what it looks like now.  What a treat!  
 Eric with Gus - the highly spoiled (but lovable) dog of the
 Larry Casazza clan.  




Sweet Angie the Christmas Tree Angel
She has topped the Casazza family tree for over 40 years.
Here is her song: 

Sweet Angie, the Christmas tree angel
On the top of the tippy, tippy top of the tree
All dressed up in stardust and tinsel
Have a very, very, merry, merry Christmas, says she


  I'd always thought this song was a purely Casazza family
invention but now I learn that this was a real song by the
Andrews sisters.  I love it! 
Here we have Uncle Eric making an appearance as Santa 

Video of Dan & Eric's
barn board removal process

This was part of a project Dan & Eric undertook - they decided to remove
some snow-covered boards from the roof of the barn.  Eric's boots kept slipping 
so he decided to do it barefoot - on a metal roof in the cold.  But wait, there's 
more!  Check out the link to a video at right to see the rest of the story.


A great view of our new home - it's really happening! 



This is the view out of Eric's loft office, looking toward Costich Lake, which was frozen to about 18 inches thick.  


This is the view from my office.  I don't know, do you think I have enough windows?!  


 This is the view from the dining room window  Living room view
 The view from my office again, but after the windows were installed.  
 Looking at the house from across the lake  

A close up view of the front of the house


A parting shot of Eric with the rack from  
Dan's giant buck he got earlier this year   


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