October 18 - 21, 2013

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Things are happening with our house in Montana, so we had to go up and check things out for ourselves.  If you want to see the progress up to this point, you can check it out on my Costich Construction page.  This was four days of decision-making and family fun in the beauty of Montana.  We got all four seasons every day - winter in the morning, spring at mid-day, summer for about an hour in the afternoon, fall in the evening, then back to winter again after dark.  The leaves were stunning.  It was my first fall trip and I totally fell in love with fall in Montana.  

Jeb and Dan picked us up at the airport for a nice lunch, then a trip out to look
at some timber work our new friend Shane has done.  Shane is framing our house 
and has done some great things on his own house which we intend to copy!

  Next we had to visit our front door again.  We bought this in July
and are both just in love with it.  Can't wait until it hangs on the house!

 Didn't I tell you that fall in Montana is beautiful?!  Why have I never visited at this time of year before now?

 We stopped by Dan's house and found Lane in mid-nap - too cute.  We made it to Eureka just before sunset so we were able to see our house
 looking like a house - wow! 
 This is the view out one set of windows in my office, looking toward our
 favorite part of the lake.  I think I can get used to that!
The next morning, Eric and Mark do some farmer work in the morning.
  Since the powers that be brought wolves into the area, the deer 
decided that living with humans is less scary than living in the 
woods with the wolves.  So now they are everywhere in town - here 
is a big bunch of deer butts running away from us on the ranch. 
 A view of our house from the ranch in the morning mist.  
Next we get a tour of all the work Mark and his crew have put in on the field they
are building.  It had barley on it once, now it is being enlarged and will grow wheat.
This is a HUGE pile of rocks they picked off of the field.
They didn't just pick the big rocks either - they picked them all!
 This shows what a freshly plowed section looks like.
This shows how clean it looks after Mark's Russian rock-pickers
have had a go at it.  Amazing. 

Here, Eric helps the rock-picking effort by bringing in one big'un.


 Next we head back to the house and try to coax
 Jeb into the basement with us, but he doesn't want
 to get dirty.
Eric, admiring the basement.

The D-C Ranch.  That is one beautiful ranch, isn't it?  


  Even the barns manage to look picturesque.  

 Scenes along the way

 See the deer in the mist behind the hawk? A closer shot of the hawk before he flew off.
 Dan & Rose are now the proud owners of an Airstream.
 Have camper, will travel!
 Dan gave me a live demonstration of his wood splitter.
 That thing is amazing - sure beats swinging a splitting maul!

An evening around the campfire at our property.
There is no shortage of spare wood around there
right now!  Lane has sacked out in his Dad's lap.
  Eric is between the moon and the fire - exactly where he likes to be! 

The moon was beautiful that evening.
  Madison (super tough wearing no socks and flannel pants), Jeb, and Eric - 
all thinking deep campfire thoughts.  
In case you'd forgotten what it looked like, here's another picture. This is the view from the garage into the house - mud room and master bedroom.
 Jeb, Amy, Eric, and Jake Tipper - always hopeful that you might throw the stick for her.
See the stick she put on my toe?
She threw the stick - ELATION!!!! Looking over Lake Koocanusa at sunset from The Ponderosa
 Rose got this shot of the two of us standing in the front door  She also got this great picture of loons on the lake in the mist
 Rose's sweet kitty, what a lovey little thing she is. Cute Colt, with Cody giving him a nice chase before they 
had to get in the car for the long drive home.


Our view toward the mountains


Sunset finds us back again - this time with Dallas, Dan Sr, and Rose in tow.   
 Rose & Dallas and the beautiful sunset More sunset - it's hard to stop taking pictures of it! 
Early the next morning I got this shot of the sunrise on our way to church in Whitefish  Monday was our last day - here we meet Dan, Jeb, and Amy for a great
 lunch at the Buffalo Cafe, always a favorite spot and always fun company. 

Solving the problems of the world before we start our long 
journey home.  Great trip! 
 Dan, Eric, Amy and I went for a walk afterward.
 Jeb is against the idea of walks, so he went to
 run some errands. 

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