Thanksgiving in Montana
November 22 - 29, 2003

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We took Andrew and Catherine Nixon (fellow Southerners like me!) to Montana with us this year for Thanksgiving.  They really liked it and we all had a great time.  We had a wonderful visit with the family (those who weren't too sick) and got to see lots of pretty sights.
 Our first stop was our new piece of land on Lake Costich  Eric, pointing out all the great features 

The view of the frozen lake from our land

  Here Katie & Rebecca help Grandma Rose in the kitchen
 Now Madison gets in on the act  Amy, Colter, Dallas, and Catherine hanging in the living room
 Eric & Larry shooting the breeze  Kristi, Erik, and Mary Beth looking on
 Views of the ranch - it looks much different in winter!  
I know this picture is blurry, 
but I really liked it anyway
  Poor Lucas was sick, that's the biggest frown I've ever seen on him

I told the girls to "look pretty" but Madison is too much Jeb's daughter for that

  Here we are at Dan & Rose's new home-in-progress
 Check out Eric's sexy hat.  I think it was a bit too pointy.  


I don't think Tracie wanted
me to take this picture!
   Rebecca, motoring around on her temporary crutches

Looking out at the lake from the house place

The basement is for a play room.  Looks like the kids know that already!  Eric & Nixon out for a stroll
Andrew & Catherine used this picture for their Christmas cards It is quite an awesome view, isn't it?

Next we visited Stone Hill, the rock climbing area near Eureka

 Here they are with a huge Ponderosa Pine Eric & Nixon met rock climbing, so it makes them nostalgic
A view of Lake Koocanusa in the snow Catherine checking things out.  The rocks do look different up there.
Colter, Amy, Me, and Mary Beth in a rare quiet moment in the kitchen


A beautiful picture of the mountains at sunset from the ranch side porch     

An evening at Larry & Mary Beth's Looking down from the staircase
 Me with Katie & Rebecca  The southern boys were hogging the heat register area
 We were treated with a visit from Buck Schermerhorn, he's always so fun  

Here he is in mid-story 
and it looks like a whopper!

 Me & E Nixon got to have so many adventures - hauling a Mule Deer 
down the side of a mountain, splitting and stacking firewood, 
falling into the creek - the good times just went on and on.


Wild Turkeys in a field.  This is not the kind of Wild Turkey I'm used to!!

  Eric and his sexy hat.  We couldn't stand it anymore
after this so we bought him a new one the next day.

Now we go to check the progress of Dan's new house, and to pet the cats.  Don't they have a pretty new home?


Now we're over at Jeb & Amy's house for pizza and a rousing family game of Taboo.  Girls won!! (Na-Na-Na-Na-Na!) 



 Our numbers were a bit off so Dallas agreed to play on the girl's team.
It gave new meaning to the term "Ladies Man"



What's a family gathering without someone 
pointing a gun in the house?

   Catherine spoils Anna with some good belly scratching
Even the birds on the fence enjoy Jeb & Amy's beautiful view


Pictures from our drive back to Eureka




  Tipper - the sweet little ranch dog who could fetch all day
The ranch cat.  I don't think she has a name but I just love her. The ranch house - this may have been our last time to stay there!

  Different views around the ranch


   Tipper again, still wanting to play fetch 
The Thanksgiving table, all set and ready for the big event

After we ate we took a walk around other other land on Burma Rd


 We built a fire and hung out there until dark.  It was nice.



Here Dan & Rose open their Christmas
gift from us, since we wouldn't be there
for Christmas.  

 Thanks everyone for another great trip!


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