Our Trip to Montana
July 24 - 31, 2004

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We started our trip with a relatively calm day spent at Dan & Tracie's house.  Everyone came by to visit us at one point or another so we had a great day.  It was a very nice mix of relaxation and socializing.  The second and third day were spent on a camping & floating trip on the South Fork of the Flathead River.  I spent a few days relaxing at the ranch in Eureka while Eric went off on various adventures: rock climbing with Kristi, hiking and fishing with Mark, fishing with Jeb, and hiking with Danny.  We spent one night back in Kalispell then I headed back to Oklahoma.  Eric stayed on for a week of training in locations in Montana and Canada.
 My favorite room of Danny & Tracie's new house Madison and Ashley making jewelry
 Dan feeds the deer around his house and they've become quite tame Eric and his makeshift hat, avoiding a sunburn on his head while he cooks.
 Tracie bought this new lounge set and we put it to great use A view of Dan & Tracie's house with Rose and a streaking Madison out front
 Coulter doing his daily push-ups  Eric tried the hammock without success - it's a bit droopy
 They've trained Coulter to eat the rind  

Coulter was learning to pee on his own and he practiced often

   Two Eric Casazzas in one picture, too much cuteness at once!
 Lucas and baby Eric
Dan, eating his 18th and 19th pieces of 
watermelon of the day. He really likes watermelon.
 More scenes of the deer and Ashley feeding them


 The river on the way up to our camping spot Jeb, getting lots of help with the camper 
Here we are all bedded down for a nap.  Eric is the lump in the back. Coulter almost never put that fishing pole down.
 The river just down from our camping area.  Cody and Madison getting sandy
 Speaking of getting sandy... That water was COLD!
   Looking at the river from our camp site
 Cami, telling what must have been a very good story  Monday - our day on the river
   Dan with one of the fish caught that day
  Dan & Jeb fly fishing
 Me & E by the river Jeb, hanging on to Amy as she fishes from a ledge
 My view while the others fished  
 Showing the clear water and colorful rocks More fishing
 Eric & Amy on the small rock island where we ate lunch, it was beautiful Dan, Tracie, and Mark relaxing after lunch
Caves across the river from our lunch spot  Heading back to the boats


 Eric, trying his hand at fly fishing


Eric, since he wasn't paddling he decided to be the boat's figurehead.  


Views of the front and back of the boat while Amy, Dallas, and I paddled

 I think there were little ducks over there but they don't show up  


   Beautiful waterfall along the way

A shot of some of the whitewater along the way.  Thankfully, it was pretty calm.

   The end of our trip.  Notice Eric in the back providing supervision.

A dark shot of the river on 
 the drive back to town    

 A hummingbird in flight at the ranch. Mittens, the wonderful kitten at the ranch.  This is rare moment of calm.
 Rose made a water garden, Tipper thinks it's a doggie pool.  A view from the top of Dan & Rose's new house
 Rose showing off the amazing view from her future living room. Visiting Trevor & Amber's new house
A lovely shot of our future neighbors' place (Amber & Trevor)
 The 'back' view from our Costich Lake land The 'side' view from our Costich Lake land
Below is a shot of my favorite view from our land 



 This is a shot of me enjoying that view This is the intake for Costich lake.  The water has been running
in a system of ditches from Glen Lake and is warmed by the sun.
Then it flows into this area and makes a sort of jacuzzi.

 More views from our land

 Looking over the back side of the ranch at a couple of the horses Here are two other horses.  They are beautiful, aren't they?
 Overlooking the horse barns. The ranch from above

 Two shots of the sunset from the ranch house

 A shot of Mittens basking in the sun A view of Glen Lake and Terrialt Pass from Larry's cabin
 My view as I sat in the sun on the porch at Larry & Mary Beth's cabin  Here it is from the front - they call it Whitetail Lodge
 Here we are back at the ranch.  Dallas and the gray kitten are snuggling. This one fell off the bed but decided to keep on sleeping.
 Here's Mittens, wishing the pond had some fish in it 
Below is a view of the ranch at sunset


 Another shot of the ranch
And an attempt at being artistic with the old
tree on the lane up to the ranch house.
 Another beautiful sunset from the yard at Dan & Rose's  
   Dan & Rose's new home from the Forrest Service land
 Lake Koocanusa Eric, Dan, & I went to our Burma road land for a little hike.
Here Eric locks up on our way out.
 The family plus Marion Knorr fixing the irrigation pipes The sweet kittens taking a nap.  They are so adorable!

Eric & Marion resting on the porch

    Eric & Danny, heading out for a hike

Me & Dallas on the porch


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