Momentum Conference 2007
October 18-20, 2007

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Our annual church conference was great as always.  Last year Joyce Meyer was the featured guest, this year it was John Maxwell.  We were also honored by Paul Scanlon from Bradford, England, the Hillsong London worship team, and the Watoto Children's Choir.

The amazing feat where volunteers transformed the auditorium into a 
banquet area in 20 minutes, and then back to an auditorium in 20 minutes
after the banquet ended.  We helped as much as we could, it was amazing!

 John Maxwell spoke 3 times and was really great.  

The guys from Hillsong London enjoying our nice weather by playing
soccer on the front lawn.

 John signing autographs.

Me with our friends Thomas, Lorinda, and Angela



A shot of the praise and worship while our band was on stage.


A shot of the praise and worship with Hillsong London 

 John Maxwell again  


The Watoto Children's Choir - they were amazing.


   Pastor Kirk, closing out another great conference.

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