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My Mother - Marcella Morton - is a very talented runner.  She runs all the time, wins races almost every weekend, runs marathons, lifts weights, attends aerobics and yoga classes, and is currently training for a triathlon.  All of these things are very impressive, but to me her best accomplishment is how many other people she has recruited into her world of fitness.  She is constantly taking people 'under her wing' and getting them into exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  I think that's wonderful! 

Here you can see Mom's very crowded trophy cabinet. 
Looks like it's time to expand to a third shelf!


Here, Mom was selected to be in photos taken for a brochure of a health facility at the Cherokee Nation. Cool!


These are some older race pictures taken of Mom with her friends Kitty, Jon, and Mary




These are group pictures of a group of Clydesdales and Mom's group of Filly's in Oklahoma a few years ago.


These next few pictures are from a St. Patrick's Day race in Tulsa in 2006 
that Mom actually got both me and my sister Desirae to participate in.

 Here's Mom with a couple of her running friends


My sister Desirae and I were wondering what
 we did to deserve this giant rude gesture

  Here's the whole crew in all our glory.  Me, Mom, Desirae, and Jon Gregory

 Here's Mom with Wish Lemons and
 his wife.  Wish and his wife host their
 own race near Tulsa and still are
 runners themselves.

The next few pictures are of the Wish Lemons run in Tulsa in April 06.

This race had a big hill in it at the end and it was hard!

Nancy, Desirae, and Jon - waiting for some friends to come in

When you crossed the finish line they gave you a giant bar of chocolate.


Jon, hoping to win a door prize The "gang" (minus Nancy who was sweet enough to take the picture.)


 Mom spoke on a health awareness panel
 with former OU quarterback Jason White

 October 2006

Tulsa Run 2008

 I went to Tulsa this year to watch my Mom run the Tulsa Run.  My very good friend Dorinda was 
sweet enough to make the drive to keep me company, and  to help cheer Mom on, of course!

This is Mom's friend Jon Gregory with one of his running friends and 
her daughters, they ran the 5K while the daughters watched, like me!
Here's a shot of the 5K from our hotel room's dirty window.
 Mom & Dorinda before the race Lots of crazy runners were packed in there, ready to start.


On your mark...

When the race started, people started throwing
clothing everywhere.  Here's a shot of some of it
draped on the fences.
Dorinda and I enjoyed a nice breakfast
and got finished just in time to watch
Mom cross the finish line.  Good job Mom!