August 1999

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We went to Monterrey, Mexico for the wedding of Jim & Lupita Chodzko.  We were there about 3 days and were joined by many friends that we hadn't seen for awhile.  It was a great time.


Me & Eric with the bride & groom  I'm happy to be there
At the reception, it was outdoors overlooking the city.  Beautiful!  Our friends the Beeleys and Mark Lappin

More friends - Kevin & Carmen McCarty
  We tried to tour the brewery, but they were closed. 
This is a giant beer sculpture made from bottle caps,
so you see we soaked up the art scene while we were there.
Jim's brothers Larry & Bill on the subway The whole fam damly - Larry, Ann, Jim, & Bill
Eric went off with a guide to climb and sight-see.  These are shots of La Huasteca
This was Eric's guide for the day Cola de Caballo - "Ponytail Falls"
The restaurant where we had a group dinner
the night following the restaurant.  I can't
resist the following corny caption,

"How much is that skewered goat in the window?"


Scenes from the group dinner - our last night in Mexico.


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