Isla Mujeres, Mexico
January 25 - 28, 2011

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In December of 2003, my sister-in-law Amy & I visited a beautiful island called Isla Mujeres, near Cancun in Mexico. I enjoyed that place so much that I eventually talked Eric into taking me there.  This was that trip.  We knew ahead of time that most of our time there would be overcast and cool, but it was too hard to change the trip to a different date.  We decided to just make the best of whatever weather we got.  It was a really nice trip.  
 Here we are at the King's Pool - a natural protected pool of water 
 where tons of fish like to hang out at our hotel. 
Here Eric misunderstands what's being delivered via this truck.
 Here I try to show how pretty the villa area is at night.  Our hacienda (they called them villas), ours was the lower one.
 Sunrise on the first morning - you can barely see the sun behind the thick clouds Surf action on the rocks
 Waves trying to get into the King's Pool Eric checking out the wildlife, also 
the wildlife checking out Eric



The first day we walked all over the downtown area, 
  tried a Mexican yoga class at the hotel, had a nice
  workout, and read some good books.

 The second day we rented a golf cart and explored
  the island.  It's about 5 miles long and 1/2 mile wide
  so we felt we got to see most of it.  


I loved this sign above a restroom at a beach. This is Richi's Spiral Island, made out of thousands of recycled plastic bottles or some such.
 This was a beautiful spot, the Hotel Villa Rolandi where we stopped for lunch Our view during lunch - that's the Cancun business district in the distance
 These were strange jellyfish, they had all these tiny legs all around the edge.


This is the beach where Eric "made me" snorkel on Thursday.  I was a little pouty
about the cool, cloudy weather and accused Eric of making me snorkel.  But of course, 
the moment I put my face in the water I was transported and had a great time.  I love to 
snorkel.  I saw a bunch of fish and a huge sting ray - he didn't move but that part was scary!
 The coast on the drive around the island. Eric, feeling bad to the bone in our hot-rod golf cart. 
 A typical Isla Mujeres street in the downtown area. One of the many restaurants catering to us tourists.
 Those kids cracked me up, I had to shoot this. Me with bad hair and a giant piece of fish at our favorite 
restaurant on the island - Bucaneros.  
 A street performer gettin' down while we ate.  The first dance was
 good, we could have done without the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ones though.
Finally - a beautiful day.  Thank you Lord for that blessing, it really made
all the difference to our trip.  What a lovely sunrise I got to experience.
 This was the view from our "porch" which I'm sure is not what it's called in Mexico.
Our hotel.  Eric loved how it was on its own little island off of Isla Mujeres.  
It is connected by that wooden bridge you see running off to the left. 
 It's still early yet in this picture, but it warmed up fast.  So happy to see the sun!
 This is where Eric and I spent a significant part of that morning. There's a guy in the water spear fishing but you can't really see him here. 
The North Beach at our hotel.


My handsome Eric in front of our villa, we're heading out to snorkel.
I wish I'd have taken a picture of Eric all suited up in his snorkel gear, 
he put it all on before getting in the water and then walked around the
beach flipping sand everywhere with his flippers - what a hoot!
 The pool at our hotel, which we didn't use but it looks pretty. Our only picture together, taken as we waited for the cab to take us to the ferry back
to Cancun.  We spent one night there to be closer to the airport for our return flight.
 We didn't like Cancun so much, but the beach was beautiful.    
We would recommend Isla Mujeres to anyone who doesn't all the tourist hub-bub, and 
the Avalon Reef Club for a hotel there.  (Book at Travelocity for the best rates and only 
stay in the villas, the hotel rooms aren't that great.) And go when it'll be sunny!!!  :-)

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