OKC Memorial Marathon (half!)
April 26 & 27, 2014

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My Mom has run the half marathon part of the OKC Memorial Marathon for 13 of the 14 years they've held the race.  Last year she had just had knee surgery so she had to walk it.  My sister and I decided at that time to join her.  This year Mom was able to run again, but us girls decided to go ahead and walk it again anyway.  That's more our speed!  We had scary weather and historic race delays, but it turned out to be a nice (if warm) day.

Here we are on our way to the expo to pick up our packets.
This is usually a time of watching Mom talk to her running buddies,
but she didn't see very many of them this time.

  A couple of beauties in line at the packet pickup


 Mom brought a bunch of shivers that she offered to let us wear Eric couldn't resist the chance to be goofy

Photo bomb!

 Race day!  I had an apple I was saving for later, but 
 no pockets.  Desirae captured my practical solution.

This was just after the first weather delay.  Since we had time to kill,
we decided to pose for some pictures.
  Then, naturally, as everyone who has time to kill 
does, we turned to our phones.  

Here I bask in the lovely 'Green Room' we were able to 
use, thanks to some kind people from FrontLine church.
Much better than a port-a-potty, for sure!  
Dueling camera phones  
After 3 delays of almost 2 hours total, we stand our 
soggy selves in line for the 8:20 start.  (Delayed from 6:30am) 
Desirae thought it was funny that I pushed my poncho behind my ears.
I, however, thought it was funny that she kept a king 
sized candy bar hidden in her cleavage.  
 Runners to the front of us... And runners to the rear of us...   26,000 in all
 One last selfie before the starting gun.   It took us 15 minutes to reach the starting line, then we were off!
We had our very own cheering section at Mile 5 - Jiayi, our Chinese 
niece Isabel, Jiayi'smom Chn ShnJuān and step dad L Chāo.  
Also our future second Chinese niece as well! 
I've never had someone hold a sign with my name on it before - 
what an honor!!  It was so great to see them along the course. 
Their kindness reminded me of the thousands of 
other people who cheer and volunteer at this race
every year.  It's really an amazing deal, I was glad 
to be a part of it.
Mom bought this professional shot for us, she liked how
our strides were synchronized. 
 Mom also got this one for us - taken about 32 seconds after we finished   Good times with great ladies!  

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