Memorial Day Weekend Camping
May 28 - 30, 2016

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We were blessed to get in on an annual Casazza tradition - camping on Memorial weekend in the South Fork of the Flathead River.  The weather can make all the difference in the amount of joy in a trip like this.  We had some chilly times, but overall it was an amazingly good weather weekend.  We had a great time having many adventures with family and friends.  
 Eric chatting with long-time friend Roger The view from our campground
 Jeb, entertaining the group as always Aubrey fishing while Lane was relegated to assistant
Storm watches as Madison still falls for Jeb's tricks - even after all these years!  Beautiful scenery
 Crazy Aubrey, always underdressed for the weather and never cold.
 She's always asking to take her coat off when I'm in my winter parka.
My handsome hubby 
 Parts of this area burned in a forest fire last year so that makes them prime Morel 
 mushroom habitats.  A-hunting we will go!
Dan's gang took off up the side of this steep hill covered in debris
and charcoal.  I made it about 10 feet before deciding I needed
flatter terrain.  

 Mushrooms found!


We filled our sacks and headed back to camp.  
(After playing one small prank on Jeb first.)


Thanks for the picture Dan!

 When you have no hatchet... just burn it as nature gives it to you.  
Lovely view of the mountains across the river Dan Sr, Roger, and Dan Jr share a good laugh

Scenes from a beautiful walk with Amy that evening

 Jeb's lap was very popular around the campfire  Jocelyn decided Jeb needed to paint her fingernails by headlamp light.  He did good! 
 Early morning beauty Dan using his spotting scope to find a Grizzly bear mother and cub

We tried to get a picture of it, but it is tricky business.
The blob on the left was the mother, the blob on the right
was the cub.  You could see it better in real life. 

   There's that handsome hubby again
 Aubrey and her partner in crime, Carson.  Those two are 
 always up for an adventure.
Loading up to go fishing at Meadow Creek Gorge

Dan & Rose stepping it off! 

 The gorge is lovely The fishing spot
 Tom, Jocelyn, and Hayleigh being supervised by Eric Dan & Rose taking a rest in a lovely spot
Maya, Ashley, Cody, and Lily enjoying life in the outdoors  Ashley caught one! 
 Colter can fish and look handsome at the same time.  Jeb, surrounded by ladies as usual.  
 Also as per usual, my man has to go farther and higher than anyone else. Extremely cool logs caught in these narrows.
View of the logs from above.  
 These were huge pits in the rock where smaller rocks were trapped. Aubrey taking the business seriously
 Jocelyn stole the show, she's a cutie Eric hanging out with the folks
 This is some kind of post-fire flora, I saw them a lot Neat rock formations along the edge of the river
 Wildflowers were in bloom all along the trail Jeb, Storm, and Madison took a steep, scary trail to a fishing
hole that was worth the trouble.  Madison caught a huge fish.

Rose blowing her Shofar over the area

 Dan Sr, Rose, and Eric on the bridge over the gorge This is the dirtiest poor little Red has ever been! 
We left Sunday afternoon so Eric could catch an early flight on Monday.  Our vacation
continued at Casa Jeb & Amy, what a peaceful spot. 
They have beautiful landscaping. 
 On a walk near their house we saw these scenes.  They look like they could be from 100 years ago. 

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