Martin's Visit
March 5 - 7, 2004

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Our very good friend Martin Beck decided to spend the weekend of his 34th birthday with us.  He flew up from Houston for the weekend and we had a truly great time.  It was so nice just to talk with him again, he is such an interesting person.  Here are some highlights from our fun weekend.
Here, Eric and Martin discuss life, the universe, and everything
Here we are, all smiles before we headed out to drinks at the lake and
a very nice dinner at Redrock
The next day we went to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where Martin
saw his first Buffalo!
This is a place where they have been doing the Passion play every year
since the 1940's.


Oklahoma the way it used to look - open prairie and grazing buffalo 

  Martin contemplates the buffalo.  In the distance you can see a tiny bump
on a rock.  They ended up climbing to the top of that later in the day.
   Prairie dog
  Boys will be boys.  As soon as they saw those rocks, they turned
into 12-year olds.  They had a blast.
I'm amazed we made it through the day with no injuries...
   Eric, being Atlas and holding the 'world' up for us

 Here they are with their destination in sight
 Wait - time for a break to sun ourselves  Close-up view of the rock with lichen in many colors

Beautiful moss - so green it almost glowed

   Off with the shirts.  Eric having to use his for head-gear.
 Run Eric, run!!! I'm not as goal-driven as these two, so I decided to wait down low while they finished the climb to the top.  Besides, someone had to take this picture of the two of them up there, right?

Me, sunning like a lizard on the warm rocks

    Martin, showing that he's still got it even at the ripe old age of 34

Longhorns on the loose

 Here he is giving Eric a break and taking over Atlas duties  

If I was that guy in the distance, I'd turn and head the other way!

We saw this guy as we left the park.  He was actually alive!

  Here we are ready for a foray into the OKC nightlife.


 On Sunday we went to the Bombing Memorial.  
This is a new thing that a church did across the street from the bombing site.
The caption under the statue says, "Jesus Wept."  
Martin & Eric at the Survivor Tree
It looks like a sad way to end a trip but it really wasn't.
Sometimes it's good to have some reflecting time.


Thanks for coming Martin, we enjoyed it!


The reflecting pool and the field of empty chairs.




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