Mad Potter Party
December 7, 2002

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Stacie Gibbins had a great idea for a party at the Mad Potter.  It's this cool store that lets you decorate different pottery pieces, then they fire them for you.  We had a great time visiting and painting.  I was surprised to learn how artistic my friends are!



Here we are, getting started Carlotta and Stacie, creating away
Amy is making a fish trivet for her Mom
(hope she doesn't see this site before Christmas!)
while Julie watches with pride and amusement.
  Jenny, waiting for a coat of paint to dry,
and Kate, still optimistic about her teapot
Here's my little masterpiece. I used a stencil and then painted inside the lines (I tried to stay inside them anyway.)  It looks much better here than it did in real life!


Here's Julie demonstrating the stencil technique for her snowflake



Stacie showing off the very nice chili pepper bowl she made for EJ's parents Kate, now having second thoughts
about the difficulty level of teapot painting
Here are most of our pieces on display.  Breathtaking!  And here's the whole gang (minus Julie, who is still working frantically)

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