Labor Day Weekend
August 29 - September 1, 2003

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Eric took Friday off and we spent the first day in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  It's very pretty there and Eric is still exploring the climbing areas there so it was a nice day.  Friday night we went to Bricktown for a great blues band.  Saturday morning it was off to Westville to visit my family.  We had a nice visit there and a great Labor Day weekend. 
 Here I am, relaxing with a book while Eric boulders  Eric in action
 Here he is being king of the mountain... taking a rest,

Next we visited a pretty little lake ringed with lily pads

 and having some Deep Thoughts.  

OK, I know it's silly, but I love my car. I thought it looked pretty there.
 Of course, Eric had to go clambering around looking for something to climb  
 The Sasquach emerges from the wilderness... Mom did two races this weekend.  I went with her to the 2nd one
in Gentry, AR.  That's her on the far left in light blue

This is Mom's friend Tammy, she did the 10K race.

They spent about 10 minutes giving directions for the
path of the race.  By the time they finished, we were all lost!

 She's so fast she's just a blur as she goes by.  
Here comes Mom to the finish line which was uphill.  
As if it wasn't hard enough when it's flat!
Here's Tammy with her strong finish.
 Me & Tammy, waiting for the race results. Mom & Tammy.  Mom got 2nd female overall in the 
5K and Tammy got 1st female overall in the 10K.

Here's Mom with her medal for
1st in her age group.
 And Tammy with her trophy

We did lots of other things this weekend, but I didn't take many pictures.  Sorry!!


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