Kraig's Visit
September 2017

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Our friend Kraig came to visit during our last week in Montana.  Glacier Park was closed due to the fires, but we still managed to stay busy and see the other sights.  
On the old Pidgeon Bridge with Dan & Rose's cabin behind us.  Warning sign on the Pidgeon Bridge
 Eric & Kraig help Mark hoist the grain elevator in place.   Mark uses the leg of a pair of jeans as the funnel.
 Exploring beneath the Koocanusa Bridge  Lake Koocanusa

On the way to Libby

  Kootenai Falls

Exploring the upper falls area

  The guys on the swinging bridge
I am pretty sure these are female Bighorn Sheep. They are all collared with trackers on them.   This is the first time we've seen them, although others see them more often. 
 Kraig and Eric put in the garden fence that week.  All it needs now is a door and we're set!  A mountain grouse we saw during a drive in the mountains.  Eric says they taste excellent. 
 Upper Whitefish Lake The lake was still and beautiful that morning.
 My car looks right at home in the mountains, doesn't it?!   

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