Field Trip
July 2017

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Eric and I were blessed to accompany a school field trip to Kootenai Falls and the Ross Creek Cedars one day.  I'm not allowed to share pictures of the awesome kids, but I can show the sights we saw that day.  It was a good trip for all involved. 
The Kootenai River below the falls, as seen from the swinging bridge Kootenai Falls

The river immediately below the falls

  Now we've moved on to Ross Creek Cedars, huge and ancient cedar 
trees that make you feel like you're walking into a fairy tale.  
Sasquatch!  Oh wait, that's Eric.   (Jokes!!)   A view from inside one of the dead trees.  (Taken by one of the kids because I wasn't climbing inside there!) 

The view from the cedars area

My man - he's always climbing.  
 A view of Lake Koocanusa and the bridge on my drive home.  

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