Independence Day week
Early July, 2016

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Because of the upcoming nuptials, distant Casazzas began pouring in from diverse parts starting in early July.  We had a lot of chances to get in some family time over the holiday weekend.  It was great seeing everyone again and spending some time together. 
 Larry was the first to arrive so we kidnapped him for his first day.  
 Here, he explains the elaborate entryway he has designed for us.
 Cami's wedding shower!  Lucas is currently crashing the party, but we sent him to the
 golf course - that always does the trick! 

Logan's mom Karen, bride Cami, and mother of the bride Jodi

  Kristi with flower girl Hannah, trying on her flower girl dress
 Lilly is the star of the show even when she's getting a diaper change Rose telling us a funny story
 Hannah and Lilly raiding the candy dish (again and again and...) Rose got Mary Beth to say, "wedding" so she lost her bling
 Time for the t.p. wedding dress contest.  Jodi was the model for the 'mature
 women' team.
Colt and Lane watch in fascination

Mary Beth adding the finishing touches

  Madison was the model for the youngster's team, they
beat us pretty soundly! 

Rose always sets a lovely table

 Cami with the wedding dresses she won't be wearing  

Adoring cousins look on

 Cami with a mountain of gifts to start her on her new life - exciting!  
 Getting some help with the gift opening from Aubrey and Lane  I made Cami a quilt as my gift.  Here Aubrey and Lane tried to spread it out when Colt
 came flying in from the coffee table to use it as a landing pad, the quilt is useful already!

Eric and I took a long walk on part of the Kootenai trail, a nice Rails to Trails project in Eureka

 Colt, checking to see if the coast is clear  
The family now gathered at Glen Lake for some boating time.
Here Eric finds out if Gus likes to have his face petted.  Turns
out, Gus likes all petting.  And snacks.
Amy's lap is THE place to be!


 Ashley, Cody, and Lilly Rose, plus a bun in the oven! Lilly threw a shoe but Great Uncle Jeb came to the rescue
Lilly stealing the show This part gets confusing because "Grandpa Dan" is already taken as a 
name so what are we going to call this Dan who is Lilly's grandpa?!  
 Showing Lilly a crawdad, of which she was not at all afraid.  The orange smears 
 are flames from the fire. 
Eric and I don't have the stamina to stay up late enough to see it get dark in these
northern parts, so we bailed before the fireworks began.  I'm told they were great though.
  Happy Independence Day! 

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