Independence Day Celebrations
July 1 - 4, 2006

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To celebrate our nation's independence, we did the traditional American thing: a cookout and fireworks.  Only we did it twice!  

We spent the weekend with my parents in Westville, then attended the annual GHK cookout at Charles Hefner's "Three Wild Turkeys" ranch. 

 First - scenes from Saturday night in Westville  
 Larry in the foreground, Desi's gang around the table  Larry & Eric solving the problems of the world
Desi's friends - with best friend Nancy center stage

Glenda, me, and Gran (she didn't like the firework fumes)

 Carla and Caitlyn watching the fireworks She's a whole evening of entertainment in one small package
This was Tuesday the 4th outside of Guthrie.
We got a big rain that morning, pretty much the only rain we've had this summer! 
Here we get a demonstration of the hammock in action.
(Or would that be in-action?)
Christy and Kathy Chen, chatting on the porch.  Kathy is a
Chinese girl who just finished her Masters at Harvard and is 
going back to China.
 Eric, slaying the fish from his little kayak.  If the fish was any
 bigger it might have pulled him off of there!
 Charles and Ted had some explosives they used 
 to blow up an old shed.  You ignite them by shooting
 them.  It sounded like this: "crack, crack, BOOM!!!"
The girls posing with a 'stalker' behind them in the weeds.  Eric with yet another fish.
 Just a few of the fireworks for the evening. Charles and Ted monitoring the grill and beer situation.
You can actually hear the fish give a sigh of relief.  The guys are giving Kathy a hard time.
 Eric, fixing the potato gun Darren's family just got a new puppy - what a sweetheart!

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