Day out with Jiayi & the Girls
April 2017

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It had been too long since I'd seen my good friend Jiayi and her lovely daughters, so we made a date to meet in Bricktown to enjoy some nice weather.  The girls had a great time running and playing, while we enjoyed catching up on each other's lives.  It was a very nice day. 
 There they are!  Jiayi and my Chinese nieces, Isabel & Melody The girls ran ahead to the top of the stairs, which turned out to be a theme with them. 

Here the girls run ahead to the Myriad Gardens area.

  Melody is such a cutie, and extremely shy with anyone besides her family. 
 Here the girls run ahead to the end of the bridge. And now they run back.  They have endless energy! 
Isabel hurries to be queen of the mountain Melody doesn't give her much of a challenge in this area, she likes the low ground. 
The girls investigate a bug they found in the playground. We found a giant ruler so we can measure our height.

Investigating a broken Robin's egg we found in the garden area

She'll be as tall as Mommy someday, I'll bet!   
Melody getting shy when she knows a picture is being taken. Isabel doesn't know the meaning of the word "shy"!  She's so outgoing! 
Both girls are a treasure, we love spending time with this whole family. 

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