Jazz Fest
May 1 - 3, 2009

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This was my 10th year of attending Jazz Fest in the past 11 years.  Many of those years have been with my long-time friend Amy Jones.  The past several years we've also had the pleasure of being joined by Amy's husband Julio and our friend Laura Faulkenberry.  This year we had a new friend join the group - Laura's boyfriend Robert.
 A creative musician seen near Jackson Square.  Our merry band of festers
 Crawfish!  Thanks to years of training by Amy, I now peel my own. A blurry shot of Marcia Ball, a favorite of ours for years.


The sun was so relentless, we hid under umbrellas as much as possible. Here Laura demonstrates the umbrella trick.


 Tony Bennett - still kickin' and all dressed up in the serious heat. The Iguanas - they were my favorite act I saw this year.


 Amy - loaded down with chairs as we head back to the hotel.
We got to visit with Amy's family for dinner on two of the evenings.
Here's Amy with Hal - enjoying being on the same continent again.
The gang enjoying breakfast - we really were enjoying it, despite 
that look Julio is giving me.
The gang ready for day 2.


 And again with me included. Robert enjoying his first ever Jazz Fest. 



A rousing group in the Gospel Tent - they were bringing down the house!



Here we are enjoying time with Amy's family again.
They treat us all like we're part of their family so it was great to spend time with them again.


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