Jazz Fest '07
April 26 - 28, 2007

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The friends that were with me at Jazz Fest last year are now scattered to the four winds - one in Aberdeen Scotland, another in Calgary, Canada, and a third in Indonesia.  Other fest buddies now live in Anchorage, Alaska.  Needless to say, I didn't expect to go this year.  Imagine my surprise when I found that my Aberdeen friends - Amy and Julio (plus Jade who is a new friend) - and my Calgary friend Laura were all able to go this year.  What a great development!  I had to keep my trip short and was only able to stay one day, but still had a great time.

Note: A lot of the better pictures on this page came from Laura Faulkenberry, I hope I credited all of hers appropriately.


We started the trip at Amy's parent's house in Pass Christian, Mississippi - these are some of Laura's shots of their beautiful place.

 Laura has a very artistic eye for pictures.

Here's a shot of the screened in porch on Friday morning.


Looking across the porch at Laura (trying to hide) and a couple of 
the dogs.  (Amy's family has a soft spot for dogs!)

 Looking out from the porch to Hal's boat

  The back of the house


Laura is all smiles as Betsy
prepares a big wonderful breakfast.

 Here's a shot of the pretty living area And two of the dogs who were enjoying it.
 Here's a shot of the front of the house as we prepared to leave Bye y'all!

 Now we're in New Orleans and are headed to the Festivities


 Happy girls!
 Julio at the entrance, hoping for the 'full cavity search"  Here we are setting up camp and applying LOTS of sunscreen.
Amy started out helping with sunscreen, but now I think she's asking for quiet! Jade (who is from Scotland) was a little overwhelmed
by being surrounded by so many Americans.  Just kidding!  
 In the Gospel tent ... and a Brass Band on the Heritage stage
This was "Amazones: Women Drummers of Guinea" at the Congo stage  George Porter, Jr. at the Acura stage

Julio, making a toast with the crazy crowd behind him

   Jade, getting an unwanted "sweaty man hug" from Julio
Here Laura got a shot of Crawfish man, which is
ironic because he later woke her from a great nap
by whacking her with his tail as he walked past.
Laura & Jade, enjoying the day
 Shawnna & Amy, enjoying it too  Laura got a shot of the Crawfish Monica stand - almost as big of an 
 attraction as the music!
 Here Laura got a shot of Dr. John on the Acura stage And the tricked-out police buggy.  I would hate to be hauled away in that!
 Here's a jumbo-tron shot of Van Morrison from Laura.
Laura caught Amy & Julio in mid-dip here, check out Amy's 
toe - can you tell she used to take ballet?
 Me & Laura with George Porter on the jumbo-tron behind us. Here everyone looks pooped out - dancing in the sun is hard work!
 OK, now we're up for more dancing again.
Here's all the girls, thanks Julio for taking this & Laura for sharing it.


 Slow dancin to Van Morrison Here is another jumbo-tron shot of Van Morrison

This was the best my little zoom lens could do.  
Van Morrison is in the middle, but you'll just have to trust me on that!

 Now we're leaving - 
 I think Amy was a bit tired at this point
Laura got a shot of this house as we walked by, looks like it's owners did not
return after Katrina.
I took this of the statues in the cemetery in the late afternoon sun. 
Here we are, back at the hotel and all excited about heading out to a 
Cowboy Mouth concert.
Amy truly is excited - she has her ticket, her red 
spoon, and was jumping up & down in her excitement.
Fred is always doing something unusual.  Here he starts the show
by appearing in the balcony area at Tipitina's.
The whole band - plus an extra guy - in one shot.  We were sad to hear that Paul had left
the group but glad to see Mary was back.
Laura got this great shot of Amy & Jordan And this is Jade & me


The rest of these pictures were taken by Laura after I left, but I liked them so here they are for all to enjoy.

 Here Amy makes friends on the 2nd day of Jazz Fest Here's Jade at Avery Island (the place where Tobasco sauce comes from)
 Here's a nice shot of Laura at the same spot. Jade & Amy at Cafe du'Monde
 A nice shot of the Quarter And of Hal, Amy, and Betsy with Bear
  Funny t-shirt
Time to prepare for Jazz Fest 2008!   

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