Jazz Fest 2005
April 21st - 23rd

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Here are some pictures of a short but very sweet trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest.  This year it worked out that I could only attend the festival for one day, but it was a great day.  I joined friends Amy Jones & Julio Gomez, along with two new friends Alex & Jude.  We made the most of the short trip and had a wonderful time. 


Julio was constantly hooking us up with free things.  Here we are at a free buffet dinner which was excellent.

Amy's Mom Betsy was there and I didn't even get a picture of her, how terrible of me!  It was great meeting her though.





A historic moment - Jude's first
Pat O'Brian's Hurricane.

 Here we are at the House of Blues gift shop, Julio is being a 'soul man.'




 All smiles by the flaming fountain at Pat O'Brian's

We spent most of this evening at Jean Lafitte's (reportedly the oldest bar in the U.S.) 
having a great time at the Piano Bar.



Jazz Fest Time!!



 Here we are leaving the hotel.  Amy brought these very handy backpack chairs which were the envy of many festival-goers.

 This guy was dancing on stilts Julio naps in the sun while Amy & I check out the other stages
Susan Cowsill - I think she used to be with the Continental Drifters
At the far right we were very excited to see Rob Savoy, ex-bassist for our favorite live band, Cowboy Mouth
I also believe that the man second from the left is Peter Holsapple, a very well-known musician and a friend of my favorite band ever, Hootie & the Blowfish.


   This is Sonny Landreth at the far right, a very talented guitar player.


 Julio & I - enjoying the tunes and 
 trying to stay cool.
And now for the highlight of the day - Cowboy Mouth!!  Mary, the bass player who replaced Rob Savoy, has also
had to leave the band.  The girl to the right of Fred is Sonia, the latest bass player.




 Here are the guys, John Thomas Griffith above 
Paul Sanchez (airing out the old dogs) above right  
and Fred LeBlanc belting it out from behind the drums.



 Attending a Cowboy Mouth show is a lot like doing an aerobics class.  
You spend a lot of time jumping up and down with your arms in the air.  It was great!


These are a great couple I met on the plane.  They have been coming to Jazz Fest for 25 years!  They have a big group of people who come in for it every year from around the world.  I am so bummed that I have forgotten their names except that I know her name is Mary.  The were awesome!

Out of the 15,000 or so people there, we just
happened to bump into our friends Alex & Jude.


 Here we are at the restaurant before dinner. 

We had a great time waiting for a table, mostly thanks to the members of this bacheolor party group who were dressed "to the nines" and having a blast.  

 Here we are at the Hilton dining room for (free) breakfast on Saturday.
 This was right before I had to take off for the airport.  It was a great trip!!!

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