Jazz Fest 2004
April 29 - May 2

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Jazz Fest in N'awlins, baby - that's what I'm talkin' about.  And this time it was just us girls.  Stacie Gibbins, Heather Perfetta, and yours truly left our men-folk at home and had a fun weekend in the city.  Actually, it rained a lot and we spent a majority of the time hanging out talking, but if you talk to our men, tell them we were wild and crazy!
Stacie's good friend Steve was going out of town 
for the weekend and was kind enough to let us 
stay in his wonderful apartment in the Quarter.  
It was perfect. Here's a view from the front door.
Here we are on our first night in town. I told you we were
wild & crazy!  Give us a break though, we had a lot of 
catching up to do.  
The next day the unthinkable happened - they 
called off the festival for rain.  Here we are making
the best of a rainy day.
That night the rain stopped so we headed out to the 
Quarter.  Here we are acting silly (this applies to the
next several pictures.) 
  This was one of Steve's neighbors who took the 
preceding pictures for us.   

  Here we are at Jazz Fest,
  taking it easy in the Blues Tent.

The Blind Boys of Alabama, putting on a big show.

 Nothing stronger than Peach Iced Tea for us today!  
 A shot of the crowd in the Blues Tent Now here we are at Santana at the Acura stage.  He was great.
 Yeah, we've had a full day.  Here we are, raring to go out on Saturday night
 OK, now we look a little more chipper  This did the trick - sushi!  It was shaped like a dragon.

 On Saturday night we did the perfect New Orleans thing - went to see Cowboy Mouth at the Howling Wolf.  Woo hoo!  

Please excuse the quality of the pictures, I can't remember when I've been this far back at a show before so I had to really zoom.

Fred worked the crowd into a frenzy, as always.  It was fun.  Stacie and Heather each got this new T-Shirt.  Isn't it clever?
Time to go to the airport - Boo!  Poor Heather ended up staying there for
six hours before her plane took off. All in all though, it was a perfect weekend.

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