Jazz Fest

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April 26 - 28:  PJ, Heather, Amy, Eric and I headed to New Orleans for our annual pilgrimage to Jazz Fest.  This was the first weekend of the event and (thankfully) was not as crowded as last year.  We met up with lots of friends there as well.  Brian was there with his friends, and Doug & Myra brought their crew (or should I say krewe??!)  The highlight of the weekend was seeing Lenny Kravitz,  he put on an excellent show!

We did not know this strange man, but he was really funny.

 A shot of the crowd and all the flags

 The "gang" at Pat O'Brian's


Doug and Myra enjoying our shady spot -
shade was a huge luxury that weekend!
We really enjoyed meeting Myra's relatives.  They were fun, and they rock climb so Eric was thrilled to talk to them. 


 Doug danced with all the ladies - he's so smooth!

The Iguanas - one of my favorite bands.  They were on our flight early the next morning and I got them to sign my boarding pass!!

 Here's Lenny, see how close we were to him?
 It was a beer-spillin' kind of day, but Heather doesn't mind! This shows how thick the crowds were.  Still, they weren't too bad.

Two shots of the big-screen TV showing Lenny's awesome drummer and the man himself.

Woo Hoo!
Here we are on Saturday night, after we finally got back to the hotel and cleaned up.  Don't we look ready to go out on the town?!

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