Ice Storm in OKC
November 28 - 29, 2015

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In OKC, Black Friday turned into Ice Saturday after Thanksgiving this year.  The poor trees all across the city were decimated.  Many lost so many branches that they could not be saved.  There were thousands of piles of limbs on the curbs from Thanksgiving until mid-January, waiting for the city to catch up with the cleanup.  If you can ignore the damage it caused, the ice looked very beautiful in many places. 
Taken near my church, this shot shows how ice covered everything - 
the trees, power lines, power poles, and street signs.  
One example of how pretty it could look.
 Many tree-lined streets were completely blocked until crews could clear
 enough downed limbs to allow cars to pass.  
I thought the ice made the entrance of this school look very nice that day

This is my favorite picture of the ones I took during the icy time
  This is an example of how badly many, many trees were damaged.
You can see how heavy the ice could be when using my hand for scale I'll bet all of these trees had to be removed, they were nothing but stumps.

I didn't take this super-cool picture, @barbiereif did in 
nearby Mustang, OK.  What an awesome shot!  
 This downed limb was directly in front of my house on a busy 4-lane 
 where people would normally be driving along at 50 mph.  Surprise!  

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