Ice Storm 2007
December 10, 2007

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We got a big ice storm on the 10th of December that stopped  everything in its tracks - including a loss of power over much of the area.  It was a pretty major deal.  Eric and I were very blessed that we did not lose power - some people were without power for more than a week.  

I did get a kick out of the way the media had to make up a dramatic name for it.  We will now and forever refer to it as, "Ice Storm 2007."


Looking out the front window to the ice on the street.

The icicles hanging from the eaves. 
It was beautiful but we lost many, many trees in the metro area.
Close-up of the ice on the bushes out front.
The bush was one solid mass because of the ice.
 Everything was totally covered with ice.  We took a walk later that afternoon (and I didn't even fall down!) 
 and took this picture of a frozen leaf that weighed about a pound.

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